Commissioner ,SMC Conducts Whirlwind Tours of Srinagar City, Reviews Snow Clearance and Dewatering Operations

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Srinagar, Feb 5, 2024 – Today, Commissioner,SMC Dr.Owais Ahmed, led a series of whirlwind tours across Srinagar City to personally assess the ongoing snow clearance and dewatering operations in the wake of recent snowfall and precipitation. The Commissioner’s proactive initiative aimed to gauge the efficiency of the operations and ensure that the city’s essential services continue to function optimally despite the challenging weather conditions.

During the whirlwind tours, Commissioner, SMC Dr.Owais visited key locations SMHS Hospital, CBD Lal Chowk, Habbakdal-Shahar e Khaas, Imam Bargah Hassanabad, JLNM Hospital, Gurduwara Chatti Padshahi Saida Kadal, Dargah Hazratbal Shrine and their adjoining areas including Permanent Dewatering Stations. The Commissioner engaged with on-site Officers and supervisory staff to gain firsthand insights into the progress of snow clearance and dewatering efforts. Additionally, Commissioner, SMC interacted with residents and community representatives to gather feedback on the impact of the operations and to address any immediate concerns.

The whirlwind tours underscored the SMC’s unwavering commitment to maintaining the functionality and accessibility of Srinagar City, particularly during adverse weather events. The Commissioner emphasized the importance of swift and effective snow clearance and dewatering measures in safeguarding public safety, facilitating transportation, and mitigating potential disruptions to essential services.

Furthermore, Commissioner expressed appreciation for the dedicated efforts of SMC frontline Warriors, local authorities, and emergency response teams who have been diligently working to ensure the timely clearance of snow and the efficient dewatering of waterlogged areas. The Commissioner commended 24×7 Control Room for their resilience and professionalism in upholding the city’s operational resilience during challenging circumstances.

As the whirlwind tours concluded, Commissioner SMC reaffirmed the SMC’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of service delivery and reiterated the Corporation’s readiness to swiftly address any emerging issues related to snow clearance and dewatering. The Commissioner also encouraged residents to remain vigilant and cooperative, emphasizing the collective responsibility in ensuring the city’s preparedness and resilience during adverse weather conditions.

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