Divisive politics is DNA of Congress: Rana

Public Hearing

JAMMU FEBRUARY 9- Lashing out at the Congress for its divisive politics, Senior BJP leader Mr Devender Singh Rana today said the north-south narrative generated in sheer desperation over losing ground across the country is not new as the so-called grand old party has already bruised the national psyche by encouraging and promoting separatism in Jammu and Kashmir.


“The nation is still grappling with the historic blunders of the Congress and Jammu and Kashmir has been the worst victim and sufferer of its wrong policies”, Mr Rana said while interacting with deputations and individuals during his weekly public hearing at the BJP headquarters at Trikuta Nagar here today along with Shalinder Vaid, Additional Protocol Secretary, BJP.


He said the Congress is reaping the fruits of its evil deeds and facing political turmoil due to historic blunders and the time has come to make the party redundant. He exuded confidence that the nationalistic and pragmatic policies of the BJP will lead to Congress Mukt Bharat.


Mr Rana said that Jammu and Kashmir has hugely suffered under the Congress and the rule by the parties supported by it for over seven decades. The misgovernance coupled with nepotism and corruption had pushed the erstwhile state to wall, which is why it has been lagging in development and economic empowerment. Now that the Yashasvi Prime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated path breaking steps to transform the Union Territory into Naya Jammu and Kashmir, the people are feeling difference for the first time and are hopeful about being equal partners in the country’s process of growth, he added.


“As if J&K turmoil was not enough, the Congress is now plaguing the country with sinister north-south divide in a vain bid to seek relevance in the Indian politics”, he said, hoping that the people will foil all these machinations by breaking free from the shackles of division and embrace  diversity as a source of s   trength and resilience in spirit of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Prayas that has emerged as a huge factor for steering the nation towards holistic development and progress. The dividends are already discernible with India emerging as the fifth economic global power and set to be third in the row during the third term of the BJP government led by Mr Narendra Modi. This has been possible due to sustained and tireless efforts during the past ten years, he added.


Mr Devender Rana slammed the Congress for germinating a feeling of separation among the compatriots in the southern states thus posing threat to the unity and integrity of this great nation. It is high time that the people recognize the detrimental impact of the North-South divide perpetuated by the Congress in India, which has actually been responsible for regional disparities and widening the gap between the states to further its nefarious political agenda, he added.


Mr Rana also listened to the individual and collective problems of the people, revolving around road connectivity, power and drinking water supply, utility services, and similar other issues. He assured that these will be taken up at the appropriate level for earnest redressal.

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