Ayat. Makarem Emphasizes on Epic Participation In 22nd of Bahman

IRAN :- Senior Shia scholar Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, on the anniversary of the Prophet’s (PBUH) Mission, which was held in Qom with the presence of students, clerics and different sections of the people, while congratulating the anniversary of the Prophet’s (PBUH) Mission, emphasized the importance and epic presence on 22nd of Bahman and said,” The importance of this day is because the glorious revolution in Islamic Iran has made the country proud.”


This Shia source of emulation stated,” During the former regime, the country’s military was managed by 30,000 American officers and soldiers, but the Islamic revolution caused foreigners to leave the country and all affairs fell into the hands of the revolutionaries. For this reason, it is necessary for clerics and students to try to attend the march on 22nd of Bahman and encourage people to participate in the march. Attending this rally is to know where we were in the past and where we are now.”


He continued by saying that the day of the Beginning of Prophet’s Mission caused a fundamental change in the world,” Before the dawn of Islam, the people of the Arabian Peninsula had nothing and were deprived of everything, but they became owners of everything during the time of the Prophet (PBUH). In this regard, Imam Ali (PBUH) said, Arab people were idol worshipers before the Messenger of God was sent, they did not have a good material life, they did not have proper water and food, they were surrounded by all the sins and the evils in the society. This was the situation of the society at that time, but the Messenger of God created a change in the society of that day, and under the shadow of Islam, most of the people’s lives prospered.”

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