China tried to replicate 1962 war with India: Home Minister Amit Shah

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New Delhi: Union home minister Amit Shah on Saturday reiterated the Centre’s assertion that India has “not lost out on any territory” in the months-long military standoff with China in eastern Ladakh.

“China tried to do what it did in 1962,” Shah said in the Lok Sabha, according to PTI. “Our leadership displayed resolve and not an inch of India’s land was lost.”

Since the beginning of the crisis, India has maintained that no land has been conceded to China. However, Opposition leaders, particularly Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, has frequently attacked the Centre for “letting China acquire Indian territory.”

New Delhi has maintained the complete withdrawal of Chinese troops from all points of conflict is necessary to maintain peace and tranquility along the disputed border.

The face-off, which began in late April-May 2020, led to a bloody clash in the Galwan Valley on the night of June 15, that led to casualties on both sides.

It was the first time in more than 40 years that lives were lost in a border skirmish along the LAC. Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in action.

China initially didn’t disclose the number of casualties sustained by its troops, officially admitting only in February 2021 that four of its soldiers were killed while one was injured.

However, it is believed that the number of actual Chinese casualties is higher.Source PTI

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