Government should develop Ranvir Canal under national project: Bharat Kisan Union Mohd Arif


Jammu : State President of Bharat Kisan Union Mohd Arif said that the government should develop the Ranvir Canal by bringing it under the national project, so that the canal can be transformed.

He alleged that due to lack of maintenance, people have encroached on the canal at many places today. Due to this, the canal is shrinking and turning into a drain, due to which water is not reaching the farmers’ fields.

While talking to journalists in the town on Thursday, Mohd Arif said that the work of cleaning the canal has been started. The government should also get the drains repaired, so that as long as water comes into the canal, it can reach the farmers’ fields through concrete irrigation drains.

Otherwise there will be no benefit in cleaning the canal. Along with this, under the Command Area Development Scheme, permanent irrigation drains were built 10 years ago to deliver water to the farmers’ fields, which are completely broken today. He said that the bridges built on Ranbir Canal are also in a dilapidated condition and they should also be repaired.

The farmer union leader said that today Ranbir Canal has become limited to providing benefits to the government officials and not to the farmers, because only food supply work is done in the name of cleanliness. State Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha should constitute a monitoring committee to keep an eye on the cleanliness of the canal, so that when the work of cleaning the canal is done, its complete report can reach the government.

He said that the government should take steps to solve these problems as soon as possible, so that the farmers can get relief. Satpal, Vaka Ram Ashok Kumar etc. were present with him on this occasion.

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