Iran opposes outsiders’ presence in region: President

Tehran :— Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi says that the Islamic Republic is opposed to outsiders’ presence in the region on the pretext of resolving the issues.

Raisi made the remarks on Thursday in a meeting with Mher Grigoryan, the Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia, adding that not only does the outsiders’ involvement in the regional issues lead to no solutions but it brings about more severe challenges.

He described relations between Tehran and Yerevan as historical, friendly, and constructive.

Touching on the issue of Caucasus, he said that Iran attaches importance to maintaining the stability and security in the region.

Raisi welcomed the peace talks between Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan, expressing Iran’s readiness to ensure the strategic security of the Caucasus region given the red lines of the Islamic Republic in this regard.

He supported the full implementation of all agreements between Tehran and Yerevan, saying that the realization of the cases requires efforts and the joint economic commission of the two countries to pursue them.


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