Former Pak PM Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi allegedly poisoned in jail

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Islamabad : Bushra Bibi, the wife of former Pakistan PM Imran Khan, has allegedly fallen sick after consuming ‘poisoned’ food given by jail authorities. Currently, she is locked up in the Adiala jail where she is serving imprisonment in two separate cases. Bushra Bibi’s sister, Maryamn Riaz Wattoo, claimed before the media that her life was in danger in jail.

Allegations against jail authorities

“My sister’s condition is still unwell. She is in pain and has not been able to eat anything for the past six days,” Wattoo was quoted as saying by media reports. She added that her sister was given harmful food in the jail, while also demanding an investigation into the matter.
Maryamn Riaz Wattoo said, “We fear that Bushra Bibi is given some harmful food and it is the authorities’ responsibility to bring the perpetrators to book.”
The allegations against the jail authorities were also levelled by Mashal Yousafzai, a lawyer and a spokesperson for Bushra Bibi.

Yousafzai said a chemical substance was added to her food which led to the deterioration in health.

“She has developed blisters in her mouth and throat post consuming that meal and has been very unwell since,” said Yousafzai. “She wants to inform the nation about this malicious act and its intended harm,” she further said.

Earlier in January, both Khan and Bibi were sentenced to 14 years in jail in an alleged corruption case involving the illegal sale of state gifts that the PTI chief received as the head of the state.

Just two days later, the couple was given an additional seven-year jail term for contracting marriage during the ‘Iddat’ (period of waiting), which was later declared ‘un-Islamic’ by a court.

Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), in a post on X, accused the “fascist regime” of “maliciously attacking” Imran Khan’s wife and denying her necessary medical aid.
“Make no mistake, it will not be long before the people responsible for these heinous acts will be brought to justice. Pakistan stands strong. Imran Khan stands strong,” the post further said.

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