Frolic Funcity Bemina Hosts Innovative Musical Event and Startup Program

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Srinagar 19 February :- Frolic Funcity Bemina, a premier entertainment destination in Srinagar, organized a groundbreaking musical event combined with a startup program aimed at nurturing music talent in the region. The event, held at Frolic Funcity Bemina, showcased a unique blend of entertainment, entrepreneurship, and community engagement.Frolic Funcity Bemina is renowned for providing gaming facilities to both kids and adults, coupled with a diverse range of food options. This event marked a significant expansion of its offerings by fostering the growth of music talent and promoting entrepreneurial initiatives in the music industry.
The esteemed Chief Guest for the occasion was Dr. Touseef Bhat, Chairman of Kashmir Concern NGO, whose presence added gravitas to the event. Additionally, Syed Aijaz Kashani, a prominent social worker, graced the occasion as a special guest, further underscoring the community-oriented nature of the event.Commenting on the event, Dr. Touseef Bhat expressed his appreciation for Frolic Funcity Bemina’s initiative in promoting music talent and fostering entrepreneurship. He emphasized the importance of such platforms in nurturing the creative potential of the youth and driving socio-economic development in the region.
It’s hereto mention that Frolic Funcity has ventures at different places such as City wall Mall Boulevard and many other places provides employment to around 100 person also promotes startup culture in kashmir by providing free stalls to newly established startup’s .
The musical event and startup program at Frolic Funcity Bemina received widespread acclaim from attendees, who lauded the innovative approach towards combining entertainment with opportunities for skill development and economic growth.One of the highlights of Frolic Funcity Bemina is its commitment to youth empowerment and employment generation in Jammu and Kashmir. By providing opportunities for employment to numerous youths in the region, the Funcity serves as a beacon of hope and prosperity for the local community.

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