Himalayan Ibex (wild goat) captured alive in Boniyar Uri

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Baramulla, 22 Feb :-  Wildlife authorities has rescued a wild goat belonging to a Ibex species from the remote area of Boniyar Uri in North Kashmir’s Baramulla district on Thursday,.

The Himalayan Ibex (Wild Goat) was rescused on Thursday early morning, said wildlife officials.

He said that they received a tip about a wild goat (Himalayan Ibex) roaming in Boniyar area after receiving the information a team of wildlife along with control room reached the said area and after hectic efforts with the help of locals wild goat was captured alive.

The Himalayan Ibex is a member of the Ibex species, a type of wild goat that roams the mountain ranges around the world.

They are easily recognised by the curved horns and beards-



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