Ayatollah Khamenei votes in parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections

TEHRAN :- The Leader cast his ballot in the Imam Khomeini Hussainiyah in ballot box number 110 in the presence of more than a hundred journalists and cameramen from local and international media outlets.

After casting his vote, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution offered two recommendations to the Iranian people. In his first recommendation, he urged all Iranians to surpass others in good deeds and to cast their votes in the initial hours of the day. Secondly, he encouraged voters to select no less than the full number of candidates required for each constituency.

In his address to the Iranian nation, Imam Khamenei added, “Today many people around the world, including people in general, politicians, and holders of important national and political positions, are watching Iran. Their eyes are on you… Both our friends and those who are in favor of the Iranian nation as well as the ill-wishers of the Iranian nation want to see what you will do in these elections. Pay attention to this [and act in a manner that] will make our friends happy and ill-wishers disappointed.”

In response to a reporter’s question about those who are still hesitant about participating in the elections, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said, “When it comes to doing good deeds, there should be no hesitation.”

Imam Khamenei prayed to the Almighty God that the election day would be a blessed one for the Iranian nation, yielding the desired results for the benefit of the country.



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