Judiciary chief urges Muslim states cut trade with Israel

TEHRAN :– Iran’s Judiciary Chief called on Islamic countries to take legal action against the Israeli regime in international courts and completely cut off trade with the regime over its brutal crimes against the Palestinian people.

“What Islamic countries can do regarding today’s developments in Palestine is to completely cut trade and exchanges with the Zionists and file lawsuits against the Zionist regime at international organizations”, Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejeie said on Thursday as he addressed an international conference in Tehran, which discussed the occupation of Palestine from a legal viewpoint.

He added that nobody should remain indifferent towards the Israeli regime’s crimes against the people of Gaza, which he said are being committed under an all-out support from the United States.

The Iranian judicial official denounced the US for lending the support to the Israeli regime while claiming to be defending human rights.

He also slammed Washington for what he described as a serious response to efforts by any country or countries intending to take legal action against the Israeli regime over its brutalities against the Palestinian people.

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