After 35 years in Ganderbal, on the occasion of Shivratri, Kashmiri Pandits pulled out a jhanki

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Reported By Feroz Khan

After 35 years in Ganderbal, on the occasion of Shivratri, Kashmiri Pandits pulled out a jhanki.

However, due to unfavorable conditions in the Kashmir Valley, which started in 1989, Kashmiri Pandits migrated from Kashmir and took shelter in many cities of the country, during which thousands of Kashmiri Pandits along with Kashmiri Muslims and security forces personnel and people associated with the Jammu and Kashmir Police have lost their lives.


Although the situation seemed to be improving at times, in 2008, 2010 and again in 2016, the situation took a turn and brought Kashmir to the brink of disaster. Targeting has been started.

But in view of the improvement in the situation for the last two years, the courage of the Kashmiri Pandits has increased again with the help of the local Muslims, and this is the reason why today, after 35 years, on the occasion of Shiv Ratri, Kashmiris in the Nunar area of ​​Ganderbal.

Jhanki was brought out by the Pandits, while the participation of local Muslims was also seen in this event. Meanwhile, special security arrangements were also made by the Ganderbal police.

On this occasion, SSP Ganderbal Sundeep Gupta, and the officers of the police and civil departments of the district have also joined the ceremony and the puja.

During this event, puja was performed at Hari Krishna Mandir Nunar and prayers were offered for peace and tranquility in Kashmir. Meanwhile, local Muslims have said that we are quite happy at this time, because we feel that the pre-1989 era has started once again, when examples of peace and brotherhood were seen in Kashmir.

When we spoke to SSP Ganderbal Sandeep Gupta about this, he said that I wish all the Kashmiri Pandits a very happy shivratri day.



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