Delhi cop seen kicking Muslim men offering nimaz on road in Delhi, suspended


New Delhi: A video emerged online on Friday (March 8) showing Muslims praying on the road in Delhi’s Indralok area. In the footage, a police officer was seen kicking Muslim men in the midst of prayer and angrily instructing them to relocate.

However, the official has been suspended with immediate effect

The 34-second clip, captured by an onlooker, suggests that the officer targeted Muslims based on their identity rather than addressing the road blockage issue

Subsequently, the video shows a Muslim crowd getting agitated after the officer’s actions, leading to a heated argument between the officer and the crowd.

“An enquiry into the matter has been initiated. Appropriate action will be taken,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (north) M K Meena said.

The video that has gone viral on social media showed a police officer kicking a few people while they were offering namaz on the road.



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