Anjuman Sharie Shian held public outreach Programme at Sumbal Bandipora


Reported By Aadil Abdullah

The top Shai Leader and President of J&K Anjuman Sharie Shian Aga Syed Hassan Mosavi Al Safavi holds publicoutreach Programme at Sumbal area in North Kashmir’s Bandipora district on Saturday, where thousands of devotees attended the meeting with great enthusiasm.

President J&K Anjuman Sharie Shian, Aga Syed Hassan Mosavi while addressing the gathering, Aga Hassan appeals the Government to take serious measures for the development of Shia dominated areas of Sonawari.

He also said that the population of said area was used for vote banks by traditional political parties from last seventy years and they can’t do anything for the betterment of their lives and resolve their greviences.

While speaking to media Aga Syed Mujtaba said till now the Shia community of the said area have been deprived by the traditional political parties.

He also urged the government to do focus on Shai dominant areas of Jammu and Kashmir and provide them basic facilities, like drinking water, electricity, proper road connectivity and healthcare facilities etc.

Aga Mujtaba appeals PM Narinder Modi to reveal the Match session to November, due to the climatic conditions of valley students suffer alot, if the government will reveal March session to November it will give the sign of relief to the students.

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