Request for rotational transfer policy for PM package employees from Kashmir zone to Jammu zone, to give them opportunity to look in their domestic grave issue at their residences out side the Kashmir Valley

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Jammu : As the Chief Secretary of our esteemed union territory, I would like to invite your kind attention towards transfer policy of PM package employees and other issues which significantly alleviate the challenges faced by these dedicated employees and their families.

Sir, the current situation demands a thoughtful consideration and approach that takes into account the unique circumstances of PM package employees, many of whom are facing considerable hardships due to the geographical displacement from their families in Jammu and other areas. It is imperative that your goodself institute a rotational transfer policy that allows these PM package employees to attend to their domestic responsibilities, including caring for their ailing parents and other family members at their home place, they reside out side Kashmir after their displacement from Kashmir in 1989–90 and onwards.

Sir, over the years, we have observed instances where so many of PM package employees have been attached, posted, or placed on deputation in offices across Jammu, often under political reasons or other influences. While these measures may have been necessary in certain contexts, they have inadvertently contributed to the separation and dislocation of families, exacerbating the already challenging situation faced by these individuals.

Sir, as a union territory, Jammu and Kashmir has now the autonomy and flexibility to implement a rotational transfer policy that ensures equitable opportunities for all PM package employees, regardless of their geographic location. By facilitating transfers between the Kashmir and Jammu zones, we can enable these employees to fulfill their family obligations while continuing to serve the public interest with dedication and diligence.

Sir I urge your good self to consider the profound impact that such a policy could have on the lives of PM package employees and their families, particularly those who have endured the trauma of displacement during the tumultuous events of 1989-90 and beyond. By prioritizing the well-being of these PM package employees and recognizing the importance of family unity.
,Sir, kindly show your goodself a sympathy and support to these PM package employees, they arecrequesting for, who have no any God father and other powerful quarters to knock.

Sir, in implementing this rotational transfer policy for PM package employees, it
can ensure that no one is left behind and that every member of our community has the opportunity to thrive, and avail transfer rotation wise from Kashmir to Jammu, visa versa, however, special consideration can be given to widows, physically challenged employees, and others who face additional barriers to mobility and other grave problems.

Sir, I trust in your great leadership and wisdom to champion this cause and to advocate for the interests of PM package employees, who have otherwise faced lot of problems being wards displaced Kashmiri Pandit families.
Sir, kindly give your personal attention towards this issue so the these PM package employees get some relief by implementing this rotational transfer policy from Kashmir zone to Jammu zone.

Your,s sincerely,
[ Kundan Kashmiri ].
Community Sevak & President Kashmiri Pandit Conference ( KPC )
Mobile No.880 2167955



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