Rural Kashmir traffic launches special drives across valley to clamp down on traffic violations

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Srinagar , In a concerted effort to curb traffic violations, the rural Kashmir Traffic Police launched a special drive under the supervision of SSP Traffic Rural Kashmir, Ravinder Pal Singh in South, North and Central Kashmir valley parts.

That’s good news for road safety in Kashmir Valley It sounds like the Rural Kashmir Traffic Police are taking a proactive approach to reducing traffic violations. Here’s a breakdown of the situation:

Traffic Police Crackdown: The Rural Kashmir Traffic Police launched a special drive to target traffic violations across the valley. This indicates a heightened focus on enforcing traffic rules.

Focus Areas: Specific details on violations targeted aren’t mentioned, but common ones in such drives include overloading, speeding, reckless driving, and driving without proper documentation.

Public Support: The report mentions locals hailing the efforts of the traffic police. This suggests that residents recognize the importance of road safety and appreciate the police taking action.

Overall, this initiative seems positive. Hopefully, it will lead to safer roads in rural Kashmir.

According to the Local People, The Rural Trafiic Kashmir has been instrumental in curbing traffic violations and promoting road safety in the Kashmir Valley on the directions of SSP Traffic Rural Kashmir Ravinder Pal Singh across the valley.


Locals appreciate Singh’s efforts and the special traffic drives held under his leadership in North Kashmir , South Kashmir and Central Kashmir.

Ravinder Pal Singh, the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) for Traffic (Rural) in Kashmir, has been credited with improving traffic conditions in the region since taking charge in March 2023.

His efforts have focused on enforcing traffic rules, cracking down on violations, and promoting public awareness about road safety. These measures have reportedly led to a noticeable decrease in traffic accidents


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