Biden says US won’t take part in any attack against Iran

TEHRAN :- President Joe Biden has said the US will not participate in any offensive actions against Iran.

Biden made this clear in a telephone conversation with Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has also said the US does not seek further conflict with Iran.

Those words were also echoed by Antony Blinken, the US secretary of state.

On Saturday night Iran launched drone and missile attacks against Israeli military and intelligence targets in response to the Zionist regime’s air raid on the consular building of the Iranian embassy in Damascuson April 1 that killed seven Iranian military advisors.

Hossein Salami, the chief of the IRGC, says the initial assessment is that the operation achieved “a level of success that exceeded our expectations”. However, he said, Iran is still receiving more information.

“Naturally, people living in occupied lands, Zionist officials and the terrorist and occupying armies of the Zionist regime and the US have a better understanding of the pummeling effects of these attacks at this moment,” Salami stated.

Salami said the US and France provided air cover for Israel in Iraq, Jordan and even parts of Syria, but “tens” of drones and cruise and ballistic missiles managed to punch through the layers of defensive capabilities.

“We could have launched a much larger attack, but we limited it to the capabilities that the Zionist regime had used to attack the Iranian consulate and martyr our dear commanders.”


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