If Hindus SC,do not vote unitedly in the Lok Sabha elections, the country will become a Mughal nation: Chandel

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Let us unite by eradicating the traditional Hindu castes of the country, otherwise we will have to repent

Jammu, 14 April : Today, Hindu nationalist leader Guruji Raju Chandel addressed journalists, Baba saheb Ambedkar Jaiyanti Today emphasizing the urgent need for unity among Hindu communities SC Valmiki, in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He warned that failure to unite and vote as one could lead to the transformation of our nation into a Mughal state.

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, Chandrapal Chandelia Pushpendra Suryavanshi ji Harkishan Pindora Mansi Chandel Moti lal ji was on stage in this program.

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Mr. Chandel while speaking said that, highlighted the external threats posed by Islamic nations and treacherous”countries like Pakistan and China, aiming to foster an atmosphere of hatred in our nation. He stressed that unless all divisions based on caste and creed are eradicated, we will regret it tomorrow. To witness a capable and powerful India, it is imperative to thwart the conspiracies of Western and Islamic nations by transcending all societal divides and embracing our Hindu identity.

”Chandel remarked on the historical subjugation endured under Mughal rule, where forced conversions and division based on religion were rampant. He emphasized that today, our Muslim brethren who remain rooted in Sanatan Dharma are the true inheritors of our cultural legacy. However, they are being misled by the machinations of Pakistan, China, and Islamic nations’ leaders to turn our ”country into a Mughal state

He called upon the awakened Hindu populace to enlighten those who have strayed and to secure a brighter future for our coming generations. Only then can our nation be saved, paving the way for a ”Hindu Rashtra and the establishment of Ram Rajya”.

”Chandel urged the disillusioned Hindus”to understand the ulterior motives of Islamic nations and China’s manipulation and emphasized the necessity of ensuring the strength of our nation. He implored everyone to vote wisely in the upcoming elections, stating, “Those who have brought Ram, we will bring them to power.” Only through unity can we achieve the vision of a Vishwa Guru and an undivided Bharat.

He concluded by calling for Hindu solidarity and the concerted exercise of our electoral rights for the greater good of the nation.


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