TEHRAN, Apr. 14 – In response to the Israeli terrorist attack on Iran’s consulate building in Syria on April 1, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps attacked targets in occupied Palestine with dozens of drones and missiles early on Sunday.

The Israeli regime attacked Iran’s consulate in the Syrian capital of Damascus on April 1. The Israeli aggression led to the destruction of the entire building and the martyrdom and injury of the entire people inside it.

Seven of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) military advisors were martyred following the Israeli attack on Iran’s consulate in Damascus on Monday, IRGC said in a statement.

Reacting to the Israeli aggression, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kan’ani on Monday night said that the Islamic Republic of Iran, while reserving its rights to take countermeasures, decides on the type of reaction and punishment of the aggressor.

In response to the Israeli aggression, Iran attacks the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories with a barrage of drones and missiles.

Rasht people show support for IRGC operation

The people of Rasht in northern Iran gathered early on Sunday to show support for IRGC’s military response to the Israeli regime.

UNSC to meet on Sunday afternoon

The UN Security Council (UNSC) will hold an emergency meeting at 4 p.m. New York time (20:00 GMT) on Sunday, the council’s current president, Malta, has said.

Tehran people hail IRGC attack against Israel

People of Tehran poured into the streets early on Sunday to show support for IRGC’s retaliatory attack against the Israeli regime.

Saudi Arabia reacts to Iran’s operation against Israel

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, while expressing concern, asked the parties to exercise restraint.

Iran describes response to Israeli attack legitimate defense

Iran’s permanent mission to the United Nations defends the country’s retaliation against the Israeli regime’s recent terrorist attack on the Islamic Republic’s diplomatic premises in the Syrian capital.

“Iran’s military action was based on Article 51 of the United Nations Charter concerning legitimate defense in response to the Zionist regime’s aggression against our diplomatic premises in Damascus,” the mission said in a statement on Saturday.

“The matter can be considered as concluded,” it added.

The mission, however, warned that if the Israeli regime perpetrated another mistake, Iran’s subsequent response could be “remarkably more intense.”

The statement concluded that the conflict was one between Iran and the rogue regime, “of which the United States should stay away.”

Zionists protest against Israeli attack on Iran’s consulate in Syria

Al Jazeera correspondent in occupied Palestine reported that within Israeli-occupied territories of Palestine, protests against Netanyahu for attacking the Iranian embassy in Damascus have risen.

The Zionists did not expect such a strong response from Iran.

Moment when IRGC missiles fired from Kermanshah

At least 7 missiles hit Israeli Ramon airbase

Sputnik cited the Zionist regime’s media sources that at least seven missiles hit Ramon Airbase base in the Negev desert.

Foreign ministry issues statement over IRGC attack against Israel


On 14 April 2024, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s armed forces have carried out a series of military strikes on Israeli’s military bases in response to, and in exercise of its inherent right of self-defense as recognized under Article 51 of the Charter, against Israel’s recurring military aggressions, resulting in the martyrdom of the Iranian military advisors present in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government, in particular the 1 April armed attack against diplomatic premises of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus.

The Islamic Republic of Iran reaffirms its commitment to the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and international law, while reiterating its determination to forcefully defend its sovereignty, territorial integrity and national interests against any unlawful use of force and aggressions.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s resort to defensive measures in exercise of its right of self-defense demonstrates Iran’s responsible approach toward regional and international peace and security at a time when the occupying apartheid regime’s pattern of relentless genocidal campaign against Palestinian people is accompanied with repeated military aggressions against neighboring States and fanning the flames across the region and beyond.

The Islamic Republic of Iran would not hesitate to take further necessary defensive measures to protect its legitimate interests against any act of military aggression or unlawful use of force.

IRGC issues second statement 

The American terrorist government is warned that any support and participation in the attack on Iran’s interests will result in a decisive and regretful response from the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said in its second statement on Sunday, after it carried out a massive drone attack against the Israeli regime in response to the regime’s attack on the country’s consulate building in Damascus on April 1.

The IRGC also called on the US to stop the Israeli crimes in the region, unless it must accept its consequences.

While emphasizing the policy of good neighborliness with neighbors and countries in the region, we emphasize that any threat by the terrorist government of America and the Zionist regime from any country will result in a reciprocal and proportionate response from the Islamic Republic of Iran to the source of the threat, the statement added.

Iran’s missiles hit occupied Palestine

Air raid sirens sound all areas of occupied Palestine

Al Jazeera reported that it had received reports about the activation of air raid sirens in the north and south of occupied Palestine, as well as the occupied areas of the West Bank.

Tehran people gather at Palestine Square to show support for IRGC anti-Israel operation


Over 100 drones fired toward occupied Palestine

Citing the Israeli regime’s military, Al Jazeera reported that more than 100 drones were fired from inside Iran toward the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

US reacts to Iran attack against Zionists

Following Iran’s retaliatory attacks against Israel, the White House reported that the US president will hold a meeting with the United States Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, CIA chief, and the US National Security Advisor.

An American official told Al Jazeera that the US confirms that Iran attacked occupied Palestine with drones.

Lebanese airspace temporarily closed

Lebanon’s airspace will be temporarily closed for preventive measures from 1:00 A.M. local time, a Lebanese minister said.

Zionists take temporary curfew measures

Due to the critical situation in occupied Palestine, reports released by Zionist sources suggest that Israeli officials have taken temporary curfew measures in different parts of the occupied lands due to regional threats and unusual conditions.

Arab news sources, citing Zionist media outlets, reported that tomorrow, Ben Gurion Airport will be full of passenger traffic with more than 55,000 people intending to leave occupied Palestine.

Zionist media also reported that all the officials have been warned not to leave occupied Palestine and to cancel pre-planned trips.

Zionist regime closes airspace

In response to the start of Iranian drone attacks against Israel, Zionist sources reported that the occupying entity has closed its airspace until 7:00 A.M.

Zionist media reported that Iran’s attack includes cruise missiles, not just drones.

IRGC issues statement

Issuing a statement early on Sunday, the IRGC said that the anti-Zionist operation was carried out against certain targets in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories as part of the response to the Israeli regime’s numerous crimes, including the terrorist attack on the consular section of Iran’s embassy in the Syrian capital.

The IRGC said that the details of the operation will be announced soon.

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