Greater Srinagar Leadership engages with Shahr-e-Khass Traders and Chambers for upcoming Lok Sabha elections*  *Assures Support for Traders and Welfare, if chosen to power

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Srinagar, April 22: In a proactive move towards inclusive governance, the Greater Srinagar Leadership (GSL) continued its outreach efforts by convening a significant meeting with Bashir Ahmad Kaneu, President of Shahr-e-Khass Traders and Chambers (SKT&C).  The GSL delegation, comprising Aga Syed Mohammad Hussaini, Shoaib Shafi, and Syed Akeel Rizvi, engaged in a fruitful dialogue, attentively addressing the concerns and demands of the traders—a community integral to the city’s economic fabric.  Key topics of discussion centered around the urgent need to prioritize trade, enhance the welfare of businesses, and bolster essential infrastructure development within Srinagar.   Aga Syed Mohammad Hussaini reiterated the GSL’s commitment to championing these critical issues and pledged to ensure their resonance in the corridors of Parliament.

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