“True Promise” Most Moral Operation in History of World

The head of Iran’s seminary honored the brave movement of the Islamic forces in operation “True Promise”, and described this operation as a unique scientific and the most ethical military action of the entire history of the world.

 Ayatollah Alireza Arafi, head of Iran’s seminary, on the evening of Monday, April 22, at the third commemoration ceremony of the veterans of the seminaries management center, which was held at Imam Kazem (PBUH) school in Qom, while honoring the brave movement of the Islamic forces in carrying out the operation True Promise, described this action as a unique operation and the most moral action in the entire military history of the world.


The head of Iran’s seminary further stated that I am the humblest soldier of this system and revolution before the revolution and even during the imposed war, and I have been present according to your service duty, he discussed the historical course of the Islamic Revolution and added,” The Islamic Revolution is a phenomenon founded by late Imam Khomeini who led this movement with courage.”

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