Don,t vote to please some person or a party but to vote for the welfare & well being of your community and country : KPC

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Participating in the democratic process by voting is a vital responsibility for every citizen. However, it is crucial to exercise this right with care and discernment. Voting for individuals or parties with a history of acting against the nation’s interests can be harmful. Such individuals have contributed to making regions like Kashmir suffer through their support for separatism and fundamentalism, acting as agents for Pakistan and undermining national unity and sovereignty.

These individuals have not only betrayed the nation’s trust but have also committed heinous acts that devastated many lives. They have been responsible for atrocities such as rape and mutilation, which are beyond reprehensible. Their actions have led to the displacement of people, loss of land and property, and the destruction of families and communities. The terror and suffering they have caused have left deep scars on our society.

Anti-nationalists, who work against the country’s unity and independence, are dangerous to its safety and stability. Supporting them can harm national security and progress. A strong and united India needs leaders dedicated to the country’s well-being and unity.

Opportunists, who care more about their own gain than the public good, also harm long-term growth and public welfare. Electing such people often leads to policies that only benefit a few, ignoring the needs of most people. This type of leadership hinders progress and leads to corruption.

Dynastic politics, where political power stays within one family, weakens democracy, which should be based on merit and equal chances for all. This system limits fresh ideas and capable leadership, leading to poor governance. It can also create a sense of entitlement among the political elite, disconnecting them from the common people’s needs and dreams.

Voting for leaders who have mistreated or ignored the people only continues a cycle of suffering and stagnation. Recognizing past mistakes and choosing leaders who are accountable, compassionate, and visionary is essential. Electing those with a proven record of empathy, integrity, and effective governance is key for progress.

Voters must stay alert and informed. Choosing leaders who truly care about the nation and its people is crucial. Leaders who prioritize peace, progress, and the well-being of all citizens, and who work to address past issues, deserve our votes. By making wise choices, we can build a future of justice and prosperity, honoring past sacrifices.


[ Kundan Kashmiri]

Community Sevak & President KPC

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