Kashmir is witnessing a surge in tourists this summer as people across India seek refuge from the scorching heat

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Heat Kashmir: Escape the Heat, Embrace the Work-Life Balance, The cool climate, scenic beauty, and improved connectivity are making Kashmir an ideal destination for both leisure and work-from-home travelers.

Kashmir is witnessing a surge in tourists this summer as people across India seek refuge from the scorching heat

Srinagar, May 22 :- As temperatures soar across India, a growing number of professionals are seeking refuge in the cool, serene mountains of Kashmir valley, combining work with leisure. This shift is not just about escaping the heat; it’s about embracing a new lifestyle that blends productivity with the tranquility of nature.


Rise in Tourist Influx


As per news current news of India (CNI) with temperatures hitting above-normal levels in many states, including major metropolitan centers like Delhi and Mumbai, the mountains offer a much-needed respite. Travel agencies and hotel chains report a significant increase in inquiries and bookings for stays in hill stations and remote areas, indicating a surge in the work-from-hills trend.


A senior tourism official told KNO that there has been a noticeable change on the ground and that it is expected that the tourist numbers will break the previous records this year. “Kashmir valley in particular is witnessing an unprecedented rise in visitors this summer. The valley’s allure is not only its natural beauty but also its upgraded connectivity and modern amenities that make it an ideal spot for remote work. Hotels and homestays in these regions have adapted to cater to the needs of digital nomads, providing reliable internet connections and comfortable workspaces,” the official said.


Local Businesses Thrive


Local businesses are thriving as a result. Irfan Inayat , who runs a homestay in Reyaar, Doodhpathri, has seen a steady stream of professionals from cities like Bengaluru and Delhi. “For the last month, many guests have come to stay and work from here,” he said, adding that his bookings are filled until August. This shift, he noted, began during the COVID-19 pandemic when companies widely adopted remote work policies.


“Professionals are looking for peace, internet connectivity, and a chance to explore undiscovered Kashmir,” he explained. This trend is pushing tourists towards offbeat destinations, seeking unique and authentic experiences away from the usual tourist spots.


Record-Breaking Season Expected


Srinagar International Airport’s data underscores the burgeoning trend. The airport now handles over 8,000 passengers daily, a significant increase from the winter months, with 94 flights operating compared to February’s average of 70. A substantial portion of these passengers are tourists, many of whom are there for extended stays to work remotely.


Future Prospects


The work-from-hills trend not only promises economic benefits for the region but also promotes sustainable tourism by distributing visitor numbers across a wider range of destinations. As more professionals discover the advantages of working from the picturesque locales of Jammu and Kashmir, the region is poised to set new records in tourist arrivals this summer.


In essence, the convergence of remote work opportunities and the desire to escape the urban heat is creating a new dynamic in India’s travel and work culture, with the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir at the forefront of this exciting trend.




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