DGP, J&K sanctions welfare loan relief, financial assistance of over 1.77 Cr. to Police personnel and SPOs

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Srinagar, May 24: In its continued efforts to support the welfare of serving, retired, and NoK of deceased police personnel, as well as Special Police Officers (SPOs), the Director General of Police, J&K, Shri R.R Swain has sanctioned welfare loan/relief and financial assistance of over rupees 1.77 crore in favour of 180 of Police personnel.


As per an order of PHQ, DGP J&K has sanctioned welfare loan of Rs 1.10 crore in favour of 72 personnel for the purpose of medical treatment of themselves or their dependents. Additionally, 17 personnel have been provided a welfare loan of Rs 22 lakh for the purpose of self-marriage or their wards’ marriage. Rupees 1.5 lakh has also been sanctioned for the higher education of a police official’s ward.


Welfare relief of Rs 11.30 lakh in favour of 37 police personnel has also been sanctioned. It is noteworthy that welfare loans are refundable, while welfare relief is non-refundable.


Vide another order, DGP has sanctioned welfare relief of Rs 15.40 lakh in favour of 42 retired/NoK of deceased police personnel for the purpose of medical treatment, wards’ marriage, or to ease up their financial distress.


He has also sanctioned financial assistance/medical relief of Rs 16.98 lakh in favour of 48 Special Police Officers (SPOs) who are engaged with the J&K Police in different districts.


These welfare measures are aimed to support J&K Police personnel and their families, as well as SPOs, in times of need. The department remains dedicated to ensuring the well-being of its serving and retired personnel, as well as the families of martyrs/deceased police personnel.CNI

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