Iran sports minister calls for “Olympic Ceasefire”

TEHRAN, May 24 :– The Iranian sports minister has called for the acceleration in the implementation of the “Olympic Ceasefire”, condemning the Israel regime’s genocidal war against the Palestinian people.

Kioumars Hashemi, the Iranian Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports made the remarks on Friday during his speech at the meeting of the ministers of sports of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Kazakhstan.

“Considering the close relationship between human rights and sports, in line with the inherent duties of sports organizations and institutions and their social responsibilities towards global events, I would like to suggest that the SCO member countries pass independent resolutions to support the oppressed people of Palestine. Also, in order to stop and prevent the continuation of the killing of the defenseless people of Gaza and the humanitarian catastrophe in Rafah, through an official letter to the International Olympic Committee, we need to demand the immediate and early implementation of the ‘Olympic Ceasefire’ plan,” the Iranian minister said at the SCO meeting.

Hashemi also lambasted double standards in the realm of sports after pointing to the banning of Russian and Belarusian athletes from the Paris Olympics.

French president Macron has claimed that he would do all he could to achieve an “Olympic ceasefire”, clarifying that he was referring to the war between Israel and Hamas, Russia and Ukraine war, and the war in Sudan.

The 33rd Summer Olympic Games, the 2024 Olympics, will be held in Paris from 26 July to 11 August. The Olympic torch relay will start in April.


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