Despite residents of Delhi paying hundreds crore rupees as taxes, they unfortuntely still suffer from poor air quality

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Despite residents of Delhi paying hundreds crore rupees as taxes, they unfortuntely still suffer from poor air quality and a lack of clean drinking water and other genuine infrastructure, which is unfair and unacceptable, Lt.Governor must take cognizance and give justice to Delhiites—— Kundan Kashmiri, Delhi citizen @ President KPC ”

Delhi’s air pollution is a severe problem. The air quality often reaches dangerous levels, and the current Delhi Kajeriwal government has not made any significant improvement. Programs like the odd-even vehicle rule and air purifiers have not been very effective. Pollution from vehicles, factories, and burning crops in nearby states worsens the issue. Despite the high tax revenue, long-term solutions like better public transport and stricter pollution controls are still missing.

Water scarcity is another major concern. The Yamuna River, once vital to Delhi, is now too polluted to use. The Delhi Jal Board has not been able to provide a steady supply of clean water. With the high tax money, the government could improve water treatment plants and pipelines, but many areas still suffer from severe water shortages. People often have to buy water from tankers and private suppliers, adding to their expenses.

Other city services are also lacking. Roads are full of potholes, healthcare is underfunded, and schools are inadequate. The taxes Delhiites pay should improve these conditions, but the benefits are minimal compared to the money collected.

The Kejriwal government has focused more on popular short-term measures like free water and electricity rather than fixing the city’s core issues. Effective governance should balance immediate relief with long-term development.

To ensure clean air, safe water, and good infrastructure, the government needs to use the tax money wisely and transparently. It’s time for the Kejriwal administration to take real action and turn Delhi into a healthier, safer, and more livable city for everyone.

Lt.Governor Delhi should take cognizance of the worst situation of Delhi and give justice to the residents of Delhi.CNI


Kundan Kashmiri,Delhi citizen & President of KPC

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