After decades of bans, we are now celebrating Urs with devotion at our Sufi shrines”: Darakhshan

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Ganderbal :- Dr Andrabi attends Annual Urs at Sufi abode at Wali War Ganderbal, addresses a huge public gathering

Dr Syed Darakhshan Andrabi, the Chairperson of J&K Waqf Board today toured Ganderbal and attended the Annual Urs of Peer Akbar Shah Naqshbandi (RA) at Wali War. Dr Andrabi paid obeisance at the shrine and prayed for the peace and prosperity of the country.

Andrabi here met cross section of people and interacted with many public delegations.

Dr Darakhshan later addressed a huge public gathering here in which she expressed her pleasure on the improved law and order situation in Kashmir, after 2019 which helped in creating the suitable and conducive atmosphere for the revival of sufism in J&K.

“For decades annual urs celebrations at sufi shrines were barred and banned by the separatists and their preachers lobby and J&K was deprived of the tradition of spirituality for years. We are fortunate enough to witness the return of the peaceful days where we are freely celebrating our spiritual traditions”, said Darakhshan.

She said that our sufis are our pride and we have to collectively preserve their shrines and propagate their all inclusive teachings so that we ensure continuous peace in this land of sufis and illuminate our lives with their spiritual excellence. “This shrine needs infrastructural boost and together we can create desired facilities here”, said Dr Andrabi.




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