Jammu : Sunil Dimple demands restoration of j&k state, distrusts the BJP statement in the first assembly elections and j&k statehood next step.

Dimple, replying to a media person’s question on his contesting assembly elections, said there is no ban on him for contesting any elections.

At press club Sunil Dimple president mission statehood jammu Kashmir addressing a press conference tears BJP bharatiya janta party, said party is spreading rumours on his joining bharatiya janta party. He said there is no truth in this.

He allged bjp is spreading rumours throughout the country on the parliament elections.

He alleged bjp has failed to come upto the expectations of the people of the jammu Kashmir and country.

Dimple demands the chief election commission of india to immediately announce the j&k assembly elections schedule without any further delay.

Dimple distrusted the BJP, PM, HM statements on j&k statehood, that first assembly elections and j&k statehood next step.

Dimple asked BJP who is their J & k CM face.

He further said bjp will not contest on all j&k assembly seats. As the party has done a big blunder on 5 august 2019.

Dimple said india’ block parties will form j&k govt in the coming assembly elections.

Dimple replying to a media person’s question, whether he will contest assembly elections.?

Dimple replied there was no ban on him for contesting assembly or parliament elections.

Dimple thanked the people of j&k and India for massive voting turnover, expressing resentment against BJP by massive voting.

He said soon after the parliament results we will sit with like minded parties to rethink the course of action for the coming assembly elections, how to keep bjp out of j&k, seat sharing or to contest separately on the party mandate & how to reverse the BJP wrong decisions on 5 August 2019.

Dimple said the restoration of j&k State, before the assembly elections & implementation of instrument of accession conditions are our priorities

Dimple said india will get a new PM on 4 June & non BJP govt will be in the centre.

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