BRICS a successful coalition of fast-growing economies


TEHRAN, Jun. 10 :– The acting Iranian foreign minister Ali Bagheri Kani addressed the BRICS foreign ministerial meeting in Russia on Monday to stress the group important role in strengthening a multipolar world.

“The expansion of BRICS has marked a turning point, the effects of which will definitely be visible in a not far future,” Ali Bagheri Kani said at the BRICS Foreign Ministers’ meeting held in Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod on Monday.

“BRICS has the largest population, the largest economy and the largest territory on the planet; Therefore, it should be the voice of the majority of the world’s people who want to achieve their rightful place and prefer a fairer, more democratic and multilateral world to the current tumultuous world,” he said elsewhere.

“BRICS has now become a new symbol and a successful role model for new cooperation and coalition of fast-growing economies and has shown that it has plans, initiatives and multi-faceted programs to reform global governance and play a greater role on the international stage,” the acting Iranian foreign minister said.

“This is exactly the reason why the countries that want to join BRICS or cooperate with it as a partner, friend, colleague. The BRICS+ countries are increasing day by day and we will see a number of them at tomorrow’s summit.”

Bagheri Kani also went on to say that, “BRICS countries are referred to as emerging countries or southern countries; While it should be highlighted that these countries are not emerging by any means, instead they are all among the countries that have a history of brilliant, ancient and lasting civilization and are determined to restore their rightful place in the world system and make the planet a safe place,” continued the caretaker Iranian foreign minister.

Later in his address, he pointed to the deplorable situation in Gaza Strip, and said that,  “We believe that peace, stability and complete and true security in the Middle East will not be established unless the two issues of ‘complete removal of occupation’ and ‘nuclear disarmament’ of the Zionist regime are materialized.”

As regards Iran’s cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Organization, he said “We will continue to cooperate with the Agency within the framework of our rights and obligations under the NPT and the Safeguards Agreement.”

He also pointed to the recent resolution at the IAEA against Iran and said that, “This resolution will have no effect on the will of the Islamic Republic of Iran to continue its peaceful nuclear energy and to operationalize its nuclear development plans.”




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