Yatris Our Guests; Taking Utmost Care of them in Kashmir is Obligatory for every Kashmiri: Hakim Suhail Abbas Kashmiri

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In a recent statement,Social Activist,community leader Hakim Suhail Abbas emphasized the cultural and ethical duty of Kashmiris to ensure the well-being and safety of pilgrims visiting the region. “Yatris who come to our land are our esteemed guests, and it is our duty to take utmost care of them,” Hakim stated.
He highlighted the Amarnath Yatra as an opportunity to showcase Kashmiri hospitality.
 “This is a sacred tradition that we have upheld for centuries,” he remarked.
Hakim called on locals to support the pilgrims by providing accurate information, medical aid, and basic amenities.
Hakim also encouraged the youth to volunteer during the Yatra, stating, “Our younger generation has the potential to be the torchbearers of our culture of hospitality.”
In conclusion, Hakim reiterated the importance of collective effort and unwavering hospitality.
 “Let us come together to uphold the values that define us as Kashmiris,” he affirmed.

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