Injustice in World Rooted in Forgetting Ghadir

Secretary of Khatam Al-Awsia Foundation Hujjat al-Islam Mojtaba Sadaqat delivered a speech at the conference of Ghadiri women in Zanjan city mosque on Tuesday, June 18 saying,” Ghadir Khumm event should be remembered forever and will never be forgotten.”


He stated that the people of Zanjan always support religious guardianship in Iran, and this is an important characteristic of the people of Zanjan province.


The Secretary of Khatam Al-Awsiya Foundation further noted that the 8th of Muharram Month is a sign for the people of Zanjan province and their Hussaini processions will also present itself in Ghadir, a grand program will be held for this occasion.


Hujjat al-Islam Sadaqat emphasized that if we want justice to be established in the true sense and the guardianship of God in the world, Ghadir should be preached and this important event should be emphasized by all.


“Ghadir and the promotion of Ghadir is a religious obligation and it should be propagated. According to the traditions, those aware of this event should preach it to those who have forgotten about it so that it is remembered by all.” He added.


The secretary of the Khatam Al-Awsia Foundation said,” Every injustice in the world is rooted in the forgetting of Ghadir, and if we want oppression to stop, the forgotten event of Ghadir must be propagated and revived.”

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