World sees yoga as powerful agent for global good: PM Modi

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Srinagar,Jun 21 :- Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the world sees yoga as a powerful agent for global good as it helps people live in the present without carrying the baggage of the past.

Addressing a gathering at the 10th International Yoga Day event at the SKICC here, the prime minister said yoga has helped people realise that their welfare is linked to the welfare of the world around them.

“The world is looking at yoga as a powerful agent of global good. Yoga helps us live in the present moment without the baggage of the past,” the prime minister said.

“When we are peaceful within, we can also make a positive impact on the world…Yoga is making new ways of positive change in the society,” the prime minister said.

The event was scheduled to be held on the lawns of the SKICC on the banks of the Dal Lake but had to be shifted indoors due to incessant rain.

The prime minister said the number of yoga practitioners across the globe is growing every day and the regimen is becoming a part of their daily life.

“The number of yoga followers is growing continuously. Wherever I go, there is hardly any (international) leader who does not talk to me about the benefits of yoga.

“In many countries, yoga is becoming a part of the people’s daily lives,” Modi said as he cited the examples of Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, and Germany, saying the ancient form of meditation was fast becoming popular there.

In his address, the prime minister also made a mentioned of 101-year-old Frenchwoman Charlotte Chopin who was awarded a Padma Shri for her services in popularising yoga in her country.

Modi said the spread of yoga globally has led to a change in perception about it as more people are travelling to India to get authentic knowledge about it.

“We are now seeing yoga tourism in states like Uttarakhand and Kerala. People are coming to India because they get to see authentic yoga.

“People are now hiring personal yoga trainers for fitness, and companies are including yoga in mind and body (fitness) programmes for their employees. It has opened new avenues of livelihood,” he said.

The prime minister said yoga provides solutions to several problems faced by people today.

“Yoga is not only knowledge but it is science as well. In this era of information revolution, there is a flood of information sources and it is a challenge for the human mind to focus on one subject.

“A solution for this is also in yoga as it helps the mind to focus. That is why from army to sports, yoga has been included in their routine,” he said.

The prime minister said astronauts and people working on space projects are also trained in yoga as it increases “productivity as well as tolerance”.

“In many prisons, the inmates are also taught yoga so that they can think positively,” he added.

Modi expressed satisfaction that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are also taking up yoga which will help the tourism sector of the Union Territory.

“I have been seeing since yesterday that yoga is becoming popular with the people of Srinagar and (rest of) Jammu and Kashmir. It is a big thing that 50,000 to 60,000 people are associated with yoga. This will attract more tourists here,” he said.

Source (PTI)

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