For the urgent attention of Prime Minister Modi Ji and Home Minister Amit Shah Ji : Kundan Kashmiri

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As a Kashmir watcher and President of the Kashmiri Pandit Conference (KPC), I am compelled to seek clarifications and urge proactive measures from the Government of India to safeguard against threats posed by separatist forces, pro-Pakistan elements, and other disruptive influences.

The Holding elections and then restoration the statehood in Jammu and Kashmir have raised significant apprehensions among nationalist forces, displaced Kashmiri Pandits, and concerned citizens who fear the resurgence and rebirth of Kashmir-centric political parties and dynastic rulers with questionable allegiances. We are acutely aware of the historical injustices , damaged national interests in Kashmir and suffered by the Kashmiri Pandit community due to forced exodus and ethnic cleansing orchestrated by these very elements,and other nationalist forces which makes it imperative that the central government’s role remains robust in safeguarding our national interests.
To address these concerns effectively and ensure that power does not fall into the hands of those who may jeopardize our nation’s integrity, give rise in militancy and cruption, respectfully request clarity on the following points:

. 1.”Strategic Measures.”
What proactive steps does the Government of India plan to undertake to safeguard national interests and prevent the resurgence and rebirth of separatist forces and pro-Pak elements in Jammu and Kashmir?

2. “Empowerment of Nationalist Forces”
: How does the government intend to empower nationalist forces to check militancy,insurgency, corrupt etc and ensure the rightful place of right people in the future governance structure of Jammu and Kashmir?

3. “Central Government’s Role”
In the event of statehood restoration, what measures will be implemented to maintain the central government’s effective oversight and control over critical aspects of governance in Jammu and Kashmir?

4. “Preventing Misuse of Power”
What mechanisms will be put in place to prevent the misuse of political power by dynastic rulers, corrupt individuals, people of separatist & anti national ideology and those with affiliations detrimental to national interests?

5. “Ensuring Justice for Kashmiri Pandits”
: How does the government give justice and plan to address the long-standing demands and rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits at “ONE PLACE ” at the land of Kashyap in Kashmir, who were victims of forced exodus and ethnic cleansing?
These questions are not just concerns of a particular community or region but are crucial for the overall stability and integrity of our nation. It is imperative that our policies and strategies reflect a firm commitment to national security and the welfare of all citizens, particularly those who have faced historical injustices.
We appreciate your attention to these critical matters and look forward to your prompt response, which will provide much-needed clarity and reassurance to nationalist forces and displaced Kashmiri Pandits across the country.
Thank you for your leadership and dedication to the nation’s interests.
Yours sincerely,
[ Kundan Kashmiri]
KashmirWatcher & Kashmiri Pandit Conference (KPC)
Mobile No.880 2167955



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