All J&K Shia Association reiterates boycott of Muharram Meetings with J&K Administration in a Press Conference today

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Srinagar, Jun 27:-  Abid Ansari, General Secretary for All J&K Shia Association, addressed a press conference at Darul Jawad (Qamarwari) today, reiterating the association’s decision to abstain from participating in any Muharram/Safar meetings with the J&K Administration.

This decision comes after repeated requests and submissions to various government departments have been consistently ignored for many decades, with excuses citing lack of funds, staff, and resources.

The association has highlighted various grievances, including:


– Inadequate medical support from the Health Services department, with insufficient medicines (especially for children) and staff for first aid services.

– Insufficient ration supply from CAPD, particularly rice and sugar, for Nazar O Niyaz during Muharram and Safar.

– Neglected road maintenance and repair by SMC & R&B, leading to injuries and difficulties for mourners.

– Inadequate security and traffic management by the Police department, with restrictions on peaceful processions of 10th Muharram and 28th Safar.

– Inadequate electricity supply by PDD, with frequent power outages during Majlises.

– Inadequate support from LAWDA, PHE, and Fire Service departments.

-Despite repeated pleas, our calls for a Nodal Officer in each district to address Muharram & Safar grievances have been ignored.

Ansari emphasized, “Our community members have suffered for far too long due to the administration’s negligence but since the LG administration took over the situation has worsened. We have been met with excuses and inaction for far too long. Our concerns and demands have been consistently ignored, and our community members continue to suffer. We will not participate in meetings that fail to address our needs.”

The association demands improved services and support from the J&K Administration, including allocated funds specifically for Muharram and Safar.

They urge the administration to address their grievances and ensure the smooth conduct of Muharram and Safar proceedings.




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