How Al-Hussain Captivates Scholars Across Ideologies !


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Mir Hilal Ahmed 

While watching a few years old podcast of Catholic Priest , Father Christopher Clohessy of Rome on Progeny Tv, who has authored two very important books on Islamic Women , one , “Fatima the daughter of Mohammad” and second “Half of my heart” , the narratives of Zainab daughter of Ali ; I personally got very much impressed that imperatively Islamic history is full of the valour, and sacrifices of the pious ladies , who have been very important fundamentally to the primary preachings of Islam and the Prophet . One and the primary among them is lady Fatima.
The catholic father who is among principal academicians of Vatican has not only been working on teachings of faith extensively , but guiding many students persuing doctorate in Islamic and Arabic studies especially in shia islam and also do many other research works in the college sponsered by Vatican.He has primarily started the work in Parish , South Africa where he found several mosques , many muslims and some members from Parish itself converting to Islam.
He suggested his authorities to start academic study of Islam. He wanted the promotion of healthy and respectful dialogue based on academic studies and healthy resources not the polemical ones trying to show superiority among the faiths.
While studying Islam in general , Arabic in Cairo and then back in Rome he got introduced to Shia Islam through a short course and came to know about Al-Hussain and the event of karbal . Al- Hussain and all the personalities who populated the event , their courage and being just captivated him for ever , admits the father. So he decided to study more about the event ,the personalities involved, the later consequences of karbala , rest of his life .
While having research about Al-Hussain it was infact necessary to know about his mother Fatima. And to his surprise he got shocked to know despite all the devotion and piety lady Fatima has , a very little substantial academic work was done about her by muslim scholars till late nineteen ninety and early two thousand. There were pamphlets and holy booklets describing in her prayers ,way of clothing, her piety but not any substantial academic work on her biography. So the doctoral thesis of the father Christopher Clohessy were about lady Fatima and he succeeded in producing , which he believed and thinks still is the best biography of lady Fatima, in a western language based on Arabic sources from both shia and Sunni school narratives.
The second edition of the book issued he described more authentic and accurate as his command over Arabic had improved then.
We must be determined that identity of Al-Hussain is preserved as Al- Hussain . His death may not be taken in the idea of redemption as the sacrifice of Jesus Christ was taken. Al Hussain is Al-Hussain . He exceptionally symbolises courage , righteousness, truth and justice .
Al- Hussain has the healing effect on islam. He has the healing effect on people and their bodies.He transcends all the barriers to be the universal model of courage and perfect ideal of being just.
On the day of Ashura when Al-Hussain was martyred lady Zainab came to the body wailing and called it “Half of my heart” … that is name given to his second book by Father Christopher Clohessy which is actually the narratives of this pious lady …. Zainab.
Both mother and daughter ;
Fatima is “Fatima” and Zainab is “Zainab” . They have their own recognition admits the father.Not falling in any comparative studies and finding similarities about them like with lady Mariyam , they are no doubt ladies of devotion ,the symbol of piety, the persons of integrity ,fully aware woman , knowing the mission of their fathers , knowing how to propagate it after their demise and how to safeguard the rights of their household despite all odds in front . As the women they knew how to safeguard the rights of women.
As per the Priest the presence and company of lady Zainab in the karbala has crucial significance and importance . Because When all the hardships were around , imam Hussain needed the presence of some familiar faces and well known individual like sister Zainab. Lady Zainab being the person of integrity was always sure and determined about the mission of his brother and being just like that of the message of his grandfather.
She had not the iota of ambiguity about the mission of his brother being right and just. She was there for Al-Hussain . She talked with him on every important issue. She stood there for his brother. She provided unwavering support to him from the beginning to the end. This had psychologically great significance for Al-Hussain . As per the Father Christopher Clohessy seeing enemy army assembling, Al-Hussain foreseeing the cruelty being faced , or seeing his grandfather in dream …. calling him that they would meet him soon ; lady Zainab looked distressed , frail , frightened and lamenting but as soon as the battle started reporters have described that she looked like a rising sun remarkably . She came out of the women tent thrice in the middle of battle field, once when his nephew Ali Akbar was martyred, second chasing his younger nephew who wanted to fight alongside his uncle and lastly to argue with the assassins who were about to kill Al- Hussain , to which even terrible and brute Umar-e- Saad also wept.
After the battle , from Karbala to kofa , kofa to Damascus she appears like a pole around which every individual of this household revolved . She acted as the leader of Islam and the head of Ahlulbait as the imam Sajad were too sick and suffering.
She observed all the virtues of humanity. Courage, steadfastness, visionary leadership, speaking with great articulation and boldness were the virtues she applied to overpower the tyranny. And described that such virtues are not masculine only rather these are the virtues equally shared by man and woman.
She took care of Al- Hussain’s household after the battle and even prevented imam Al- Sajad being martyred in the court of Ziyad. It looks that till that particular moment when Al-Sajad asked her to be quite and let him speak in that court of Damascus till then lady Zainab shared the responsibility of leadership of house of prophet . For the father Christopher Clohessy lady Zainab definitely had some of the unique qualities which actually imams posses.
It is always tough to talk on faith . Al-Hussain, Al-Abass ,lady Zainab ,and all the companions and associates of Al- Hussain in the battle of Karbala were remarkably unique and above the common intellect. Dedicate whatever you can , in one or the other way in the commemoration of this sacrifices. It has been standing alongside righteousness and justice which is universally symbolised by Al-Hussain.
 The rituals being observed in this commemoration definitely have the remarkable significance. They orient passion and passion in essence give rise to desire , desire causes the change in and out.

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