Nasrallah urges Muslim solidarity with Gaza

TEHRAN, Jul. 10 :– Hezbollah’s Secretary General stated on Tuesday that the organization’s unwavering decision to defend the oppressed Palestinians remains irreversible, despite the sacrifices endured.

Hezbollah’s Secretary General stated on Tuesday that the organization’s unwavering decision to defend the oppressed Palestinians, including opening a support front in Lebanon, remains irreversible, despite the sacrifices endured.

During an Ashura sermon on the third eve of Muharram, his eminence delved into the religious interpretation of this year’s slogan, “Are We Not on the Righteous Path?” underscoring the Muslim duty to uphold righteousness, speak out against injustice, and resist oppression, according to Al Manar.

Hezbollah’s leader echoed the powerful words of Imam Hussein (A.S.), addressing the prevalence of falsehood in the world: Don’t you see that the truth is ignored and falsehood prevails? The situation is so dire that a believer longs to meet Allah (i.e., to die). Today, I see death as a blessing and living under tyrants as nothing but disgust and disgrace.”

Speaking of the courage required to take the righteous path, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stated, “What matters is not the majority, but the pursuit of truth, whether it aligns with the majority or the minority. If the majority of the world remains silent about supporting Gaza and instead supports ‘Israel’, it does not imply that this stance is right or even morally justified.”

In his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted the support fronts in Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq, along with political backing from Syria and Iran, painting a positive contrast to the disappointing stances of the Arab and Islamic nations toward atrocities in Gaza.

“For weeks, aid has been unable to enter the Gaza Strip, exacerbating threats of famine, epidemics, and diseases. Is it reasonable for this situation to persist?” His eminence pointedly queried. “Every sane Muslim will be questioned about his or her support for Gaza. Is it believable that the Arab and Islamic nations are incapable of supporting Gaza?” Sayyed Nasrallah added.

“We, Hezbollah, firmly believe we are fulfilling our duty, with martyrs falling daily—including our elite brothers and commanders. We honor them with pride and will steadfastly continue on this path until we achieve our goal,” stressed Hezbollah’s leader.

Addressing both allies and adversaries, Sayyed Nasrallah underscored that “the actions of the Islamic Resistance since October 8 are irreversible. We will persist until we achieve our goal. Despite the sacrifices of martyrs, destroyed homes, or the looming threat of war, we remain resolute in our commitment.”

In a direct appeal to two billion Muslims, Sayyed Nasrallah posed a poignant question, asking, “Where is Muslim money being spent today, while two million Muslims in Gaza suffer from hunger and significant resources are allocated for tanks, planes, and other military capabilities?”


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