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Don’t let anyone get comfortable with disrespecting you.
We as human beings are born free and there is none so born to restrict us enjoying our postive individualsim,guided by the belief that each one of us sincerely follow only to please almighty Allah (swt).

So don’t be like an anchored animal. Allah(swt)has given you the power to move & fly as much higher as you can.
The whole world is infront of you, just looking & waiting the moment you set about exploring it the way better you were dreaming of.
Surely, some having personality disorder may create a blockade & may also try to influence you or act the way to see you get stray from the right traces that you may have drawn.Besides,they may also try you to blindly follow them or you may get misled by them so that you are very much used the way they like you to be used. Alas !’ the poor lamb !

Your self-esteem demands you that you need to be focused at all the time and present your ultimate mind and sensitiveness, while dealing with certain crucial things and perfectly you must understand how the pulses of the people are measured with absolute accuracy.
beware about the fact that there are wolves all around in the sheep’s clothing.

Always be yourself only and don’t try to copy others to present yourself the way, what you actually are not.

Just be your own leader and do the utmost better with an intention purely to harm none.

If you want to influence people & want yourself to be followed, then you need to learn a divine “mantra”that’s to develop in you the universally acclaimed, loved, and most cherished Quality termed as humanity.

Always have a positive approach and never restrict your thinking to appease others for no reason.

Just open your blessed eyes and feel so candidly the wonders of the nature visible all around. You need to get rid of the hatredness.which is never going to favour you with peace neither here nor hereafter.

How long will you pull through by carrying the load of jealousy/animosity and ill feelings for others on your already bent aka mom postures ?

Your actions are being watched by everyone.You may be pretending yourself the most prudential,but actually you are totally not.

Remember, there’s not much to be achieved by hurling insults and abuses at the innocent people and making accusations against them have certainly got exposed your morality and your (self hyped character) has also come to fore and finally your name has managed to find a respectable place amongst those labelled as baddies.

O’ Ibn-e- Adam you stand exposed!


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