Being anti-vaccination equals being antisemitic in the UK now!

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Being anti-vaccination equals being antisemitic in the UK now!



IRAN-TEHRAN- Amid deafening silence of the mainstream media against the background of recent mRNA vaccines’ scandal, some specific events somehow manage to sneak through the layers of censorship and find their way to the surface.


The most recent example was a report about suspending the membership of a prominent UK Parliament Conservative Party member, Andrew Bridgen. Once a renowned advocate of vaccination program in the UK, this “ex”-member of Parliament for Northwest Leicestershire was suspended form the Party on Wednesday, January 11, 2023.


Almost immediately after the news about his suspension broke out, it became clear that the decision by the Party is tied to Bridgen’s recent loudly spoken criticisms against vaccination program, specifically the use of mRNA vaccines which according to him, “are causing serious harms” and explains why “so many people are ill since vaccination”.


Bridgen has recently been praised and applauded by some for his “bravery” in taking the mRNA vaccines’ scandal to the floor of the Parliament and challenging the Pharmaceutical Complex, a move which got him in deep trouble.


Bridgen set the fire storm by tweeting the disturbing results of a study by CDC (US’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) about “safety monitoring analyses for mRNA COVID vaccines” on January 11, 2023. In simple words, this study surveys the adverse effects from the vaccine reported by those who were vaccinated. It should be noted that considering the amount of paperwork people should fill out in order to file one of these reports, only a small fraction of vaccinated people have successfully added their data to the study, a fact which makes the available results even more horrifying.


The CDC, based on the data provided by the few people who made it to the last page of the forms, shows a wide range of adverse effects, including but not limited to: Atrial Fibrillation, Irregular Heartbeat, Myocarditis, Cardiac Failure, Cardiac Arrest, Pericarditis, Cardiac Flutter, Ventricular Extrasystoles, Cardiomegaly, etc.


“As a consultant cardiologist said to me”, Bridgen’s Wednesday morning tweet stated “this is the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust”. The official reactions to the tweet appeared later the same day to the absolute surprise of almost everyone as Bridgen’s colleagues in the Parliament took the stage and labeled his words as “antisemitic”, followed by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s approval.


On Wednesday afternoon, another member of Parliament Matthew Hancock who is considered by some as an utterly failed UK Health Secretary because of his lockdown policies during the pandemic, erupted Andrew Bridgen on the floor of the Parliament, calling his tweet along with other things, “disgusting, antisemitic, and anti-vax conspiracy theory”.


“Does the Prime Minister agree with me”, Hancock lectured, “that the disgusting, antisemitic, anti-vax conspiracy theories that have been promulgated online this morning are not only deeply offensive, but anti-scientific and have no place in this House or in our wider society?”


Rishi Sunak didn’t hesitate even for a minute to extort the opportunity, immediately joined the campaign to cancel off Bridgen. “Can I join with my friend in completely condemning those types of comments that we saw this morning in the strongest possible terms”, Sunak said, adding that “obviously it’s utterly unacceptable to make linkages and use language like that, and I’m determined that the scourge of antisemitism is eradicated”. “It has absolutely no place in our society, and I know that the previous few years have been challenging for the Jewish community and I never want them to experience anything like that ever again,” Sunak continued.


Many believe that the Wednesday incident marks a new era in regards with the cancel culture campaign against the anti-vaccination movement in the West by tying this movement to the sensitive notion of “antisemitism” by abusing Bridgen’s tweet.


Sunak and Hancock were not the only politicians who availed themselves of this opportunity to seal the deal with the Pharmaceutical Complex. Another MP, Sajid Javid, in a tweet emphasized the dangers of antisemitism embedded in Bridgens’ words, saying “Right to take action over @ABridgen’s tweet. Morally repugnant to compare the life-saving vaccine rollout to the Holocaust. And it’s dangerously wrong to imply the many good people who played their part in it are part of some kind of conspiracy.”


Although the UK’s propaganda machine did its best to distract the public by tying Bridgen’s words to the infamous notion of antisemitism, commentators believe that the decision to remove him from power was made long before his controversial tweet.


Two weeks prior to the Wednesday events, Bridgen had challenged the Pharmaceutical Complex when he stood on the floor of the Parliament and revealed some very disturbing facts about the vaccine. “So, in other words, the benefits of the vaccine are close to nonexistent,” he said, adding “beyond the alarming yellow card reports, the strongest evidence of harm comes from the gold standard highest possible quality level data.”


“A reanalysis of the Pfizer-Moderna’s own randomized control trials using the mRNA technology published in the peer reviewed journal Vaccine revealed a rate of serious adverse events of one in 800 individuals vaccinated. These are events that result in hospitalization, disability or a life changing. What is most disturbing of all, however, is that of those original trials suggesting that one was far more likely to suffer a serious side effect from the vaccine than to be hospitalized with the ancestral, more lethal strain of the virus,” Bridgen had warned the Parliament, concluding “these findings are a smoking gun, suggesting that vaccine should likely never have been approved in the first place”.


The ex-MP released a video statement on Monday, January 13, 2023 calling his tweet not racist against the background that the cardiologist he had quoted in his tweet is an Israeli doctor! But to this point, the decision to suspend his membership in the Conservative Party has not been reversed.


“There are reasonable questions to ask of a government that is considering extending the use of these experimental vaccines to children as young as six months of age. These, ladies and gentlemen, are babies. There are reasonable questions about the side effects of mRNA vaccines, especially when we know categorically that the current risk of harm to most of the population, and especially young people, from COVID 19 is miniscule. We have a government who indemnifies vaccine manufacturers from claims against the harms caused by their products, and the government, who, it appears actively look to remove MPs who raise questions about those harms,” Bridgen’s statement reads.


He called his suspension “saddening” but praised the amount of support he received from “ordinary people, medical workers who are too intimidated to speak out and of course from those who’ve experienced vaccine harms themselves or to a loved one.”


But for many people all around the world who have suffered or still suffering harms and losses due to the semi-compulsory vaccination schemes of their governments with only one choice, which is the mRNA vaccines and most likely only the Pfizer ones, the peak of Bridgen’s statement is the part he spoke out the all-out media blockade against the anti-mRNA vaccines activists who are being silenced and oppressed by the mainstream media.


“Hopefully, the media interest around my suspension will finally get the issue of vaccine harms into the media who have been so reluctant to cover this issue for so long, and issue which is clearly of huge and growing concern to many people across the globe,” Bridgen said in his statement.


What happened to Bridgen can be seen as an effort to draw a redline for as to what extent a politician has the clearance to challenge certain international entities with deep influence out of their geographical border. And Bridgens’ tweet provided the best window of opportunity for those who have the pen to draw the line, by gluing the anti-vaccination movement to the notion of antisemitism.


By the end of the day, it is clear that there will be many more physical and moral victims in different levels of the societies, especially in the West, on the way of the mRNA vaccination schemes of what we can call “a global deep state”, the traces of which can be found in odd places like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. But, at this point, the more important question remains to be is the mainstream media going to pick up what appears to be the most significant scandal of the human history?(TEHRAN TIMES)

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