The Leader of the Islamic Revolution met with some of the officials of the Islamic Propagation Organization in the Imam Khomeini Hussainyah

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The Leader of the Islamic Revolution met with some of the officials of the Islamic Propagation Organization in the Imam Khomeini Hussainyah

today, January 18, 2023. During this meeting Imam Khamenei stressed the importance of using “new ideas” and and being aware of the “socio-cultural requirements” while working in the field of culture.

IRAN// During the meeting, Imam Khamenei stated that the two important duties of cultural and propagation organizations is the production and presentation of rich content based on new ideas and thoughts, as well as taking into account the social and cultural requirements of cultural activities while being Godwary at the same time.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution praised the Islamic Propagation Organization for their endeavors. Referring to verses from the Quran, Imam Khamenei considered the fear of God in the meaning of “consideration, observance and mindfulness” as a necessary and permanent strategy for those active in the fields of culture and propagation. “Cultural-propagation organizations must make sure that the word and decree of God are not overlooked under any circumstances. One should not be afraid of controversies and accusations in this field”, he added.

The Leader stated that paying attention to social requirements in propagation does not equal with ignoring God’s awareness and His eminence.

He listed giving attention to the taste of the audience in cultural and propagation related activities as one of these requirements. “The language you use to communicate with a young person is different from the language you use to talk to an ignorant, or antagonistic person. In the same way, the language of speaking and preaching in other countries should be different in nature to the kind of cultural-propagation work that is being implemented inside the country, in Revolutionary institutes and organizations included.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution underlined that the market of new ideas and new products is thriving both inside and outside of the country. In this regard, he stated, “Be active in this busy market by generating new ideas, processing them, and turning them into exquisite products.”

Imam Khamenei also expressed his disapproval at the lack of work in this field. “The Islamic Propagation Organization and artistic department (Hawzah Honari) have done great work in different fields, but not as much as they should have during their 40-year lifespan. Therefore, they need to multiply their efforts and the work that they do.”

The Leader underlined that attention should be given to expert human resources and that this should be the main focus of cultural organizations. He added that the Islamic Propagation Organization should work on preserving their good employees in all fields and strive for their development. Imam Khamenei also warned of the damages that will be caused by outsourcing cultural-propagation activities.

In this regard, Imam Khamenei advised that, “Of course, ‘people’s capacities’ must be used as much as possible. A good example of this was seen at the Ammar [Film] Festival.”

He added that officials in cultural-propagation organizations also have a duty to maintain the freshness, vitality, happiness and satisfaction of the people.

In further clarifying the dimensions and significance of this issue, the Leader stated, “Of course, if the economy and people’s living conditions improve, their happiness and contentment will be ensured to some extent. However, various other nice and interesting things can be done apart from this with the participation of the people themselves.”

In the final parts of this meeting, Imam Khamenei offered his recommendations on certain issues, stressing unity and advising against factionalism. “Unity and harmony are required across the whole country, let alone in Revolutionary circles which certainly need to avoid falling into the trap of various intellectual trends and factionalism,” he added.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution also advised the Islamic Propagation Organization and its artistic department (Hawzah Honari) to refrain from producing work that is purely intended to be showcased. He also advised against the creation of neutral products that lack any form of correct orientation.

During the meeting, the head of the Islamic Propagation Organization reported on the organization’s activities. Hujjat-al-Islam Qomi said, “We have prioritized and taken the issue of rejuvenating the organization seriously by training employees and taking part in the jihad of clarification. We are striving, on our part, to meet the cultural requirements of our society. But having said that, we still have weaknesses in some areas.”

Head of the artistic department (Hawzah Honari) of the Islamic Propagation Organization, Mohammad Mahdi Dadman also briefly reported on the activities undertaken and pursued by this department. “We have continued working on developing Hawzah Honari in the field of literature and books, but we have also strived to play an active role in other cultural and artistic fields and the media by relying on the outstanding potential of the youth across the whole country.”

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