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Islam came with a message that was revolutionary at the time (610 AD). It uplifted the status of the
poor and underprivileged in society. For women, this meant an end to female infanticide – a common
practice in Mecca in those days – and claimed equality of the sexes in stature and worship. While
these may not seem remarkable claims nowadays, they resulted in a transformation of
consciousness and lives within the early Muslim community. There are dozens of strong, dignified
and independent women in early Islamic history that have become household names and role
models for generations of Muslim women. The women of Muhammad’s family have not faded into
obscurity – the Prophet’s wife, Khadija, was not only the first convert to Islam (a woman!) But also a
financially independent business woman.
Islam is similar to Christianity in the belief in Jesus as the Messiah who had a miraculous birth and
who will return at the end of time. Muslims also hold dearly the belief in the Gospel In fact, Islam
considers itself to be a universal religion that is the third dimension of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic
monotheistic tradition founded by Abraham. Islam, similar to Judaism, is an uncompromising
monotheism that incorporates a Divine Law that was given to Moses. In Judaism it is called the
Torah (the first five books of the Hebrew Scripture) and in Islam it is called the Shariah, laws
developed from the revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad.
It also helps in reducing domestic violence and crime against women
It is a process in which women make their own independent decision
Providing proper education to a girl child is the main agenda of women empowerment
The Quran goes on to praise women like the Virgin Mary and the wife of Pharaoh who prayed to be
saved from Pharaoh’s tyranny. The Queen of Sheba is mentioned in her political role as a leader of
her country. There are multiple mentions of women as mothers, daughters and wives, and,
particularly, of women as individuals who have the right to education, the right to keep whatever she
earns for herself and the right to the Hereafter.
Women empowerment helps in improving the standard of life of women in rural as well as remote areas
Women empowerment helps in reducing gender inequality in society Women empowerment is all about making women both socially and financially independent
Women empowerment refers to make them capable of deciding for themselves .women have suffered a
lot through the years at the hands of man in earlier countries. They were treated as almost non
existent As if all the rights belonged to men even something as basic as voting as the times evolve
women realized their power .There are began that revaluation for women empowerment. In india
women empowerment is needed more than ever .India is amongst countries which are not safe for
women. There are various reasons for this .Firstly women in india are in dangerous of honour killing.
There family thinks its right to take their lives if they bring shame to the reputation of their legac women
empowerment is made up of the word women and empowerment stands for giving authority and power
to women .It mainly refers to practice of making woman independent so that they can make their own
decisions as well as handle their lives without any restrictions. The main motive of women
empowerment is to help stand equally with men a giving the ability to live a happy and respectful life in
Women empowerment simply refers to having the same rights a man should have
Women empowerment surely has advantages. It gives them equal status compared to men which
creates a frictionless environment for women secondly it makes women financially independent which
is very important in this era. Moreover her empowerment helps her to get rid of social violence and
atrocities against her.it can help her to fight for her rights
Women’s equal rights in Islam begin immediately in the Quran’s Creation Story. I want to note here
that Islam’s holy book, the Quran, has many similar stories to those found in the Torah and the Bible.
Muslims believe in many of the same prophets who are mentioned in the Jewish Scripture as well as
the New Testament: Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mary, etc.

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