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The death toll from the bombardment of the Al-Ahli Hospital in the city of Gaza on Tuesday night, which was by far the highest of any single tragic incident in Gaza, has triggered protests worldwide.

The bombardment of the hospital, which has left at least 500 people, particularly children and women, is an open violation of international law and an instance of war crime and crime against humanity.

Attack on the hospital is a clear example of war crime

Russia’s Putin said that the hospital bombardment was a tragedy and the conflict must be resolved.

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, stressed that the attack on the hospital is a war crime for which the U.S. government bears ultimate responsibility.

He wrote on his Telegram channel that the horrific attack on a hospital in the Gaza Strip was clearly a war crime.

And the ultimate responsibility lies with those who shamelessly make money from military conflicts on different continents, the former Russian president remarked.

The top Russian security official said the U.S. falsely claims the “global mission of protecting democratic values” while it thoughtlessly is spending huge sums of money to buy weapons to enrich the military-industrial complex.

UN chief demands immediate ceasefire

UN Secretary-General António Guterres said that he was afraid that hundreds of people were killed in the bombing of the hospital in Gaza. He demanded an immediate ceasefire for humanitarian reasons.
Later he called on Israel to allow emergency aid to reach Gaza.

European Union foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell also said that the bloc is against Israel’s action to stop the daily supply of water to Gazans.
This action clearly violates international law, the EU chief diplomat remarked.

No sign of humanity

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an said bombarding a hospital and killing hundreds of people, including children and women there, exemplifies the Israeli attacks with no sign of humanity.

Meanwhile, all the political parties in Turkey, in a joint statement, condemned the attack on the hospital.

We have repeatedly warned of the dangerous situation in Gaza

Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan, speaking during the urgent meeting of the Islamic Cooperation Council (OIC) in Jeddah, emphasized the need to lift the blockade of Gaza and said: “Saudi Arabia has repeatedly warned about the dangerous situation in Gaza.”

War crimes will not cause Gazans to leave their soil

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad announced that it is not afraid of enemy killings, yet the announcement issued by the Jihad movement added that the war crimes would not cause the nation to leave its soil.
“These crimes only make us more determined to resist,” the Islamic Jihad emphasized.

Later the Jihad resistance movement emphasized that the bombardment of the hospital was part of Biden’s plan to commit “genocide” and force the Gazans to leave their homeland.

Stain on the face of humanity

Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, the leader of Iraq’s national wisdom movement, in a message, strongly condemned the barbaric attack of the Zionist regime on the hospital.

“The excessiveness of the Zionist regime in committing barbaric crimes against defenseless civilians has hit all red lines, the latest of which is the attack on the private hospital in the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the martyrdom of hundreds of Palestinians,” Hakim stated.

The leader of Iraq’s National Wisdom emphasized that the crime is a stain on the face of humanity and a new item in the list of heinous crimes of the Zionist regime.

Al-Hakim reiterated that the international community and legal and humanitarian institutions should not remain silent against the crimes of the occupiers against civilians and infrastructures and facilities related to human services, such as hospitals and water and electricity facilities.

The Foreign Ministry of Qatar also condemned the barbaric attack of Israel, calling it a violent massacre against Palestinian civilians.

The Council of Europe finally broke its silence toward Israel’s war crimes and the tragic martyrdom of the hundreds of innocent Palestinians in the hospital, saying targeting the civilian facilities is “against the law.”

A tragedy that cannot be covered up

Abdullah II of Jordan, pointing to the hospital bombardment, called it a tragedy that cannot be hidden from the watchful eyes of the world.

Syria reacted to the tragic event and called it one of the worst mass killings against humanity, adding that these crimes are reminders of the regime that is founded based on killing and massacre.

Expulsion of Gazans will never be realized

Hashim Safi Al Din, the Lebanese cleric, also said the plan to expel the people of Gaza will never be realized.

The Security Council was to hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday, October 18, regarding the killing of Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the bombing of the hospital by the Zionist regime’s army.

The United Nations announced that the resolution proposed by Brazil for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza will be presented at the meeting of the Security Council.

The enemy is delusional if it thinks killings will cover up its great defeat

Senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said that the mass killing that happened as the result of the hospital bombardment confirmed the brutality of the enemy.

Referring to Israel’s crimes, Haniyeh emphasized, “The enemy is delusional if it thinks that these killings cover up its great defeat or lead our people to surrender.”

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