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‘Today is a day of public mourning for the great nation of Iran, the Islamic Ummah, and humanity’

TEHRAN- Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has held the United States responsible for the latest Israeli crimes against the Palestinian population in Gaza.

Raisi made the remarks on Wednesday afternoon during a gathering that took place in condemnation of the Israeli regime’s atrocities, especially its savage bombardment of a hospital in Gaza City on Tuesday night which shocked the world as it resulted in the killing of at least 500 civilians.

He urged the international community and all freedom-seeking people around the world to sever ties with Israel, expel its ambassadors and shut down the regime’s embassies.

“Today is a day of public mourning for the great nation of Iran, the Islamic Ummah, and humanity,” noted the president, adding that “the end of the Zionist regime has now begun” and that “every drop of Palestinian blood spilled on the ground will bring the regime one step closer to its collapse”

Raisi also highlighted the fact that Israel was dealt a heavy blow during Hamas’ attack on October 7, despite possessing a large spy apparatus.

“This is a serious defeat for the Zionist regime, which has seven intelligence services to ensure its security. Apart from the Iron Dome and in addition to the Mossad, six other intelligence bodies are active for the security of this regime, but the Al-Aqsa Storm and the will of the Palestinian fighters caused them an intelligence, security and military failure. The Zionist regime, which has not and will not be an opponent of the resistance forces, started attacking women and children. Much to its chagrin, the regime thought it could compensate for its defeat by attacking residential houses and oppressed people. But [Israelis] remain unaware that their humiliating defeat will not be compensated by war crimes and crimes against humanity,” Raisi added.

The president averred, “I am telling the Americans that today, in front of the people of the region, you are importing missiles from the countries of the region into occupied Palestine and arming the Zionist regime, and the bombs that this regime is dropping on the people of Gaza are yours. The people of the world regard you complicit in the crimes of the Zionists.”

Raisi also said that “the people of the world loathe the Zionist regime and the Americans. Not only the Islamic Ummah, but the awakened consciences of the world hate these horrible crimes, this is another defeat for the Zionist regime and the Americans.”

Mass demonstrations sparked by Gaza hospital tragedy

Following the Israeli bombardment of the Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza protests full of rage have erupted in nations all around the world.

Following demands for a “day of rage” throughout the region, people in Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, Iran, Iraq, and the occupied West Bank flocked to the streets to express their revulsion with the regime’s crimes.

In Iran, thousands of people protested outside the French and British embassies in the capital Tehran. Waving the flags of Palestine and Palestinian resistance groups, demonstrators chanted slogans against the French, British, and U.S. governments, slamming them for their support for Israel.

“Silence of each Muslim is a treason against the Quran,” the protesters chanted, with some hurling eggs at the French embassy building and burning Israeli flags.

Additionally, demonstrators gathered in Tehran’s Palestine Square, holding a vigil and lighting candles in memory of Palestinian deaths.

“Death to Israel”, “Death to the U.S.,” and “Palestine is victorious,” “Israel is in decline” were also chanted by Iranian MPs as they participated in the demonstrations.

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