Childrens day celebration at Boys Higher secondary School Gund Hassi-Bhat srinagar.

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Childrens day celebration at Boys Higher secondary School Gund Hassi-Bhat srinagar.

Srinagar // It was a moment of joy today at BHSS GUND HASSI BHAT. Students,teachers and some VLC members such as Rahi riyaz joined in the celebration of children’s day.Teachers distributed gifts among the students especially cultural wing headed by Madam Mtr Ishrat Ara and science subject Teachers headed by Sr lecturer Dr. Dilshada Tabasum and Mtr Kaiser ji present various gifts among the students encouraged them loved them.Madam Afshana Amin also distributed some gifts amoung the students.It was a praise worthy moment for the institution.Many teachers read out paper on chacha Nehru and his contribution.Dr Mohd jaffar Principal of the institution read some verses on the tribute of chacha Nehru and threw light on various aspects of chacha Nehru.Principal on the dias advised students to read books written by Chacha Nehru such as A Discovery of India, autobiography, letters from a father to his daughter, words of freedom ideas of Nation. In the speech some sayings of Chacha Nehru was read out such as: “if the approach is good the response is good” “Be successful in life you need education”.Chacha Nehru also said children are the budes in a garden they should be freely educated and loved. Chacha Nehru was a great scholar, politician, dynamic leader, and freedom fighter. Everyone is sorrowful today on his death. In the conclusion of the speech Principle congratulates all teachers, students especially dedicated cultural wing coordinators who managed the programme under the dynamic leadership of Mtr Madam ishrat Ara. At the end of the celebration Principal advised the teachers to continue these programs as it is focused in NEP 2020.So that students hidden talent may be inculcated and they will move towards their successful destination.

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