Twenty points charter of demands have been again sent to Hounrable Prime Minister of India Today on November 17,2023 by KPC


Narendra Modi, India's prime minister, gestures during a joint news conference with Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Greece's prime minister, in Athens, Greece, on Friday, Aug. 25, 2023. Modi arrived in Greece on Friday for talks to strengthen bilateral ties. Photographer: Yorgos Karahalis/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Twenty points charter of demands have been again sent to Hounrable Prime Minister of India Today on November 17,2023 by KPC

Sh. Narendra Modi Ji,
The Honourable Prime Minister of India,

Hounrable Sir,


Our community of Kashmiri Pandits feel highly proud of your good self for  being a great and saintly personality as Hounrable Prime Minister of India as well as for having great commitment and  long list of achievements of  your Government at the centre from the last nine to ten years, so we all nationalist Kashmiri Pandits  congratulate your good self from core of our heart for  the same.

Sir, despite of having great record of your successfull governance from the last one decade,  we displaced victim Kashmiri Pandits, unfortunately,  in exile from the last 34 years could  not get  much and proper attention of the Government ,so, for, hence feeling our selves ignored and isolated , our grave problems not redressed and  genuine demands not considered, despite of our repeated requests, peace full dharana,s  demonstrations, hundreds of memorandums, press conferences, but no one heard us  till date.
Sir, we request your good self that the following grave and burning issues as well as demands  may kindly be considered at the earliest to give this victim community a new life.

1..Consolidated rehabilitation of displaced Kashmiri Pandits at one place in Kashmir valley,so that we could live  together as a community and to protect and save our culture, ethos and traditions under free flow of Indian constitution.

2.  Kashmir Pandit community to be granted indeginious status being indeginious people of Kashmir valley  and are inheritors and practitioners of unique cultures, rituals , traditions, ethos, faith and way of life relating to Kashmir.

3.High level commission of enquiry to be constituted to probe for genocides, ethnic cleansing and mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits.

  1. K.P. Shrine bill to be passed at the earliest in order to safeguard and maintain K.P. temples and shrines in the valley at par with religious property of other communities in the valley.

5. F.I.R and action against those who are responsible for killing hundreds of innocent KPs, property looted, ransacked and burnt, during the turmoil in the valley.

6. Grant of four constituencies and one Rajya Sabha seat for Kashmiri Pandits in exile till they will return to one place settlement at the land of Kashyap Bhoomi in Kashmir valley,as per their wishes and aspirations.

7. Release of 50 % of pending amount against the ex-gratia granted to displaced KPs in lieu of their houses burnt and damaged during the turmoil.

8. Displaced KP youths to be appointed in Central Government departments / undertaking like railway, LIC, Income Tax, customs and taxation, MHA, Cabinet secretariat and others.

9. One-time financial assistance of Rupees  twenty  five lakhs along with interest free loan to those K.P youths who are over aged  to start their own business to enable them to share their domestic responsibilities.

  1. Distress sale of KPs land and property since 1990 till date to be nullified and compensation of losses to be paid to affected families. urgently.
  2. KP traders / shopkeepers are allotted shops along with interest free loans at various railway stations from Jammu, Delhi and other places including in migrant camps in Jammu and other places.
  3. Encroachment of land and property of displaced KPs and unauthorized occupation of their houses, shops and other business establishments including religious places in Kashmir valley to be removed at earliest possible.
  4. PM package to be delinked from KP’s return to valley, it’s benefits to be given at present locations of migration.Also grave problems of PM package employees to be redressed including their relocation demand at the earliest.

14. Enhancement of cash Relief from Rupees 13000 to 25000 per family per month to be made at the earliest to genuine relief holders to look after themselves, their families and parents.

  1. Stipend to unemployed KP youths to be granted
  2. Bifurcation of migrant ration cards to be made at the earliest along with inclusion of new members at Delhi–NCR and other places at par with Jammu migrants. 17.Construction of Jagti like township at Delhi-NCR as well as at Jammu to accommodate those displaced Kashmiri Pandit families who are residing in rented accommodations at Jammu, Delhi–NCR and other places.
  3. Names of hundreds of places changed in valley from Hindu names to Muslim names, during Abdullah,s rule to be correct and changed at the earliest.
  4. Name of roads or, parks,or bridges etc. to be kept in the name of Kashmiri Pandit icons, like late. Kashyap Bundhu, late. Amar Nath Vaishnavi and other Kashmiri Pandits who have contributed.
  5. Demands and problems of non-migrant valley based KPs to be heard and their demands accepted and problems mitigated at the earliest.

Sir ,today on the tenth year of your rule at the centre, we victim KPs in general and Kashmiri Pandit Conference ( KPC ) in particular again pray your good-self for favourable consideration and action taken to our above demands and problems at the earliest.

We also pray your good-self, allow to have an audience of prominent and gross root representatives of the Kashmiri Pandit community with your good self,so they could put their basic demands & problems before you and also give their own views about Kashmir and other national issues..

Again our community elders and icons feel proud of your good-self being our Prime Minister with huge ability, vast experience and vision and shower blessings for your great success and good health.

 Thanking you sir in anticipation.

       [.Kundan Kashmiri ]

President Kashmiri Pandit Conference. ( KPC)
Mobile No. 8802167955 .

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