Discourse of Islamic Revolution Beyond Axis of Islamic Resistance

IRAN – The Head of Iran’s Seminary Ayatollah Alireza Arafi had a meeting with Seyyed Mohammad Amin Aghamiri, the head of the National Center for Cyberspace in Qom on Saturday, November 25 during which he pointed to the failure of the Zionist regime and the acceptance of a ceasefire in Gaza, and stated,” Israel’s crimes must be condemned continuously and always.”

Pointing out that Seminary Media Center for Cyber Space is specially designed for the big issues of the seminary and the clergy, he said,” the Cyberspace is a big and sensitive field, where the strong motivation and spirit of jihad paves the way for taking effective steps on this path.”


Ayatollah Arafi stated that we need an extensive forward-looking view regarding the cyber space and stated,” If this macro planning does not exist, we will serious challenges in the field of management.”


Pointing out that Islam has four types of views on any issue, he added,” These four types of views include philosophical-theological, jurisprudential-legal, moral-value and macro-value approach.”


The head of Iran’s Seminary stated that content development should be done under these four types of views, and clarified,” seminaries and institutions should pay special attention to the approach of virtual space as the soul and essence of many programs.”


Ayatollah Arafi further mentioned the Charter of the Transformation of the Islamic Seminary and said,” One of the clauses of this charter is the representation of the entire seminary in the Cyber space and the manifestation of the Hawzah, religious thought and Islamic teachings in a complete and perfect way in the media and Cyber space.”


The head of Iran’s Seminary also stated that the discourse of the Islamic Revolution is far beyond the axis of Islamic resistance and expressed,” the axis of Islamic resistance is only a manifestation of this discourse since the discourse of the Islamic Revolution has prevailed in different countries around the world.”


Pointing out that there should be guidance for all these contacts, he said,” We must witness the reproduction of content in at least 10 international languages of the world so that international horizons can be seen in our programs.”

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