Zionist regime gains no military achievement in Gaza: Cmdr

IRNA – The commander of the Iranian Army has commended the recent retaliatory operation by Hamas, noting that the bombardment of civilian centers has yielded no military achievements for the Zionist regime.

Speaking to students and nurses of the Iranian army’s medical university in Tehran on Sunday, Major General Abdulrahim Mousavi said that the Zionist regime is grappling with the loss of equipment and personnel in the ground operation in Gaza and characterized Operation Al-Aqsa Storm as an unprecedented event in the 75-year struggle of the Palestinians against the occupiers, adding that the operation validated the Iranian Supreme Leader’s prediction of the regime’s collapse within 25 years.

Mousavi stated that the decline of the Israeli regime has become evident and added that the regime’s supporters have attempted for years to normalize the suffering of Palestinians. However, the recent confrontation has elevated the Palestinian cause to a global priority, even among non-Muslim nations.

Furthermore, Mousavi asserted that the recent conflict in Gaza has unmasked the true nature of the United States and its allies who support the Israeli regime. He noted that the US has endeavored to portray a positive image of its support for human rights and democracy at a significant cost and through its mainstream media empire, but the war on Gaza has revealed its true nature.

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