Sunil Dimple out rightly rejected J&K reorganization bill, said the struggle will continue for the restoration J&K princely state

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Sunil Dimple president mission statehood in a press conference today, on the j&k reorganization bill presented in the parliament by the BJP govt against the wishes of one crore thirty lakh jammu Kashmir people. There was no need of this bill as j&k dogra state was enjoying everything and the BJP could not tolerate the j&k princely state’s, progress, prosperity, happiness and the j&k two sitting MPs and BJP dismentalled j&k state and changed the history, identity, demography.

Dimple said outside the parliament our struggle, fight will continue for the restoration j&k princely state, state subject, special status & for the implementation of the instrument of accession conditions.

Dimple on the reorganization of j&k bill said there was no need for this bill to be present in the parliament as j&k was a happy and prosperous state.

He said as our petitions on article 370, 35-a, are in Supreme Court and BJP is doing everything wrong by the use of force and is unconstitutional.

Dimple said whatever ever j&k people lost, everything BJP snatched unconstitutionally on 5th August 2019 in the Parliament of india. On 15 December in the SC supreme court verdict j&k.

We will get back from SC supreme court in CJI division bench Verdict this month. & BJP will be defeated for abrogation of articles 370,35-A.

Dimple has demanded HM Amit shaha should speak in parliament and clear his BJP stand in the parliament on the J&K Dogra state stand still agreement? Where are instruments of accession conditions signed by our grat dogra mahraja Harisingh?

He said BJP celebrates artificial accession day.

He said HM should answer where the accession conditions are?

He said Bjp claims dogra champion but the BJP not honouring dogra mahraja harisingh laws.

Dimple allged Bjp is misleading nation on jammu Kashmir in the parliament and j&k BJP MPs are themselves misleading.

He allged the BJP J&K MPs, PMO jetender singh for his chair and political benefits, themselves
sold the j&k dogra state to gujarat nagpur & disappointed the j&k
people and dogras, as the BJP spoke anti dogra mahraja Harisingh ji laws in the
parliament and scraped all J&k people rights, state subject, special
status, stand still agreement, and instrument of accession conditions one by
one in the parliament.

Dimple demands PM Modi, HM to announce in the parliament to hold assembly elections along with parliament election in j&k.

He also demanded PM Modi to announce in the parliament session for the restoration of j&k dogra state, implement the stand still agreement and implement instrument of accession conditions signed by j&k dogra Mahraja Hari singh ji with India during the accession between j&k india.

He also demanded the PM to clear the stand on PRC j&k state subject, protection of land, jobs, the unification of J&k, Ladakh, POK, gilgit, blatistan in j&k state.

Dimple said we want the state of jammu kashmir state on the conditions, which maharaja harisingh ji signed stand still agreement of j&k state accession with india.

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