Sunil Dimple welcomes the CJI, SC decision to announce verdict on our petitions on Article 370, 35-a, J&k statehood on 11 december Monday

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Jammu : Sunil Dimple president mission statehood addressing a press conference, has welcomed and thanked the CJI, constitutional bench of SC supreme court of india that the day of judgement on our petitions on articles 370,35-a, j&k statehood will be announced on monday, 11 december at 10.30 am.

He said we are fully confident that SC will uphold the dignity, integrity of the Indian constitution and will set the things right and will reverse anti constitutional decisions taken on 5 august 2019 of abrogation of the article 370, 35-a, restoration of j&k princely state and will give our special status, 370 back.

Dimple said the Mission statehood along with j&k people of all religions have sincerely struggled, performed our responsibility, duty and struggled from roads upto SC, to save our J&K princely state identity culture, demography & history with, instrument of accession conditions, stand still
agreement with the help of renowned SC judicial luminary is set to deliver us
the justice and uphold our dogra maharaja stand still agreement, instrument of accession
conditions, laws.

Dimple said we are confident the SC CJI & constitutional bench will give j&k people full justice, will protect our lands, jobs, lost identity, culture demography.

He said the stand still agreement and implementation of the instrument of accession conditions signed by j&k dogra Mahraja Hari singh ji with India during the accession between j&k india, is the way forward for happiness, progress of jammu Kashmir people.

He said we want our PRC j&k state subject, protection of land, jobs, the unification of J&k, Ladakh, POK, gilgit, blatistan in j&k state.

Dimple said we want the state of jammu kashmir state on the conditions, which maharaja harisingh ji signed stand still agreement of j&k state accession with india.

Dimple said he is leaving for delhi and will be present in Delhi, SC at the time of the verdict judgement announcement.

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