Iran Army gets tens of upgraded Karrar drones

IRNA – Tens of upgraded Karrar drones were added to the drone fleet of Iran’s Army on Sunday in a ceremony attended by Army Commander Chief Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi.

The homegrown drone, now equipped with the Majid air-to-air missile, will be used in all border areas of the country.

The Rasoul drone plan has included 9 stages of extensive and sensitive field tests and flight operations.

Under the plan, the armed forces have achieved the capability of tracking and targeting any hostile flying object through using drones furnished with completely indigenous air-to-air missiles.

The Karrar drone has also been equipped with a thermal missile with a range of eight kilometers.

After a year and a half of extensive research and field studies to decide which missile to mount on the Karrar drone, the Majid surface-to-air missile was ultimately picked as the best option. Accordingly, the Majid missile’s performance was evaluated in ground and flight tests.

The Karrar drone, armed with the Majid missile along with a warhead to hit the targeted drone, successfully completed its mission according to the predicted scenario during the 1402 drone exercise of the Army.

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