‘US, UK, Canada should be held accountable for Israeli crimes’

IRNA – The governments of the United States, Britain, and Canada should be held accountable as accomplices to the atrocities committed by the Israeli regime over the past two months in the Gaza Strip, a spokesman for Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Nasser Kanaani underlined on Sunday that these governments should be held accountable for their historical support for the Israeli regime and their blatant political, military, intelligence, and media aid to the regime, especially over the course of the ongoing war in Gaza.

Kanaani categorically condemned the unfounded and interventionist allegations leveled by the US, Britain, and Canada against the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was used as a basis to impose sanctions on certain Iranian nationals.

Pointing to the fact that Iran reserves the right to take reciprocal and proportionate action in the face of those who imposed the sanctions, he noted that states with such a dark history of colonialism and systemic violations of human rights, including gross violation of the rights of minorities, migrants, and indigenous people in their territories and throughout the world, resort to propaganda campaign in a bid to divert public opinion from their inhumane acts, at the time when they fully support the inhumane crimes committed by the Israeli regime.

These states violate the lofty values of human rights by pursuing double standards, Kanaani said, adding that the false claimants of maintaining human rights are in no position to judge the human rights situation in other countries, because they are shamefully involved in the Israeli war crimes.

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